February 27, 2009

And More Inspiration....

More pics of clocks I love...

I love my grandfather do you?

Ok I have been looking for a grandfather clock for a long time and they are so expensive. Limiting my search is the fact that I want a rounded dutch face like this one. I found this one online for only 50 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I need to get it. I would put it in my living room or base of stairs, not sure but I will find a place. I would also paint it and distress it prop in a creamy white. Well "Time is Ticking" hahaha. I crack myself up.

Here is my inspiration

February 24, 2009


Remember the post id did of my updated laundry room? It was from a couple months ago. Well in it I said the only thing I'm waiting on is a chandelier. Wellllll I didn't find a chandelier but I found something I like more! What do you guys think?

It is a really old wood lamp shade. I had those horrible school lights in the laundry room before. Matt took that down, rewired it for a pendant, picked up a silver pendant kit and added the old edison light bulb! I love it...What do you guys think?

I Heart These Things

I was just browsing online and went to a store website that I find the best deals. Here are some of the random things that got me saying... I want I want.... I want!

*I especially love these vintage chemistry seats! If I had a kitchen island these would be what you would be sitting on!

Guess what store these things are from...? Any guesses?
JC Penny!