April 25, 2012


When I ran across this image on Design Sponge it stopped me in my tracks.  To most, this might be an image you would pass by without thinking much about.  To me, there was something very welcoming, even cozy about this shot. 
My mind started to wander.  What is the homeowner like?  Artistic?  They must like succulents.  I wondered if each plant was a gift?  Different pots, plants, stages of growth. 
The color scheme in the photo was intriguing.  The dusty wine floors, natural woven mat, assortment of green and the navy door. 
Did the owner get that cute bell hanging on the door somewhere special or was it a quick after thought to hang it there. 
When I see images of homes with stacked books, plants, dishes etc, I wonder how long it took them to accumulate the set to create such a beautiful "collected overtime" look. 
Collected over time.  That is definitely where my style leans.  I sure can appreciate beautiful staged rooms.  Rooms that a designer has just put their seal of approval on, but it is my belief that a home comes alive over time.  Your energy, trinkets, personality, crumbs make a home, home.  Some of my favorite spaces I see in media are images of homes in use.  Kitchens with pots boiling and cookbooks open. Living rooms with magazines flopped open on the floor next to a chair with messy pillows.
Just a thought. Sorry for my rambling.

To see what's past that front door go here.  Such a cute home!

Be Well,

April 23, 2012

Staghorn Ferns

On the way home from the coast, I had Matt stop at one of my favorite little nurseries where they have such unique plants. Everything is so beautifully placed, it feels like you are in the Secret Garden.  In one of the gardens I looked up and saw a ceiling full of Staghorn ferns!  Yes, My latest obsession.  I love everything about them.  The moss, the green, texture of the leaves, mounted on weathered wood... ugh!  
Needless to say, I purchased my very own!   

Staghorn's consist of clusters of several fronds that resemble antltlers which is how they get their name. In nature, Staghorns live on the sides of trees sending their roots into the bark.  This is why they must be mounted with moss on a wood plate.  I have been googling the care and maintenance of these beauties and luckily they are super easy to take care of.  They are in the same family as air plants, so they lend to little maintenance.
 Every Staghorn has a label on the wood that dates the fern.  Like the picture above you can see the metal tag.  It says it was mounted on February 10, 2010.  My fern is already two years old.  I guess they can live up to 70 years and get 100 pounds heavy! 
I thought I would leave you with a few inspiring images of Staghorns. 
If you have a Staghorn or know about them, I would love to hear about advice and care.

* All images can be found and sourced here.

Be Well,

Going Coastal

Hi all!  Sorry for the lack of posts.  The hubby and I took a trip to the coast for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.  We even took the pup.  She loves running up and down the beach collecting sticks.  It was so relaxing to unplug and enjoy some down time with Mr. Right, heeheee. Not only was it relaxing but inspiring.  We went into many art galleries, walked up and down little beach communities and enjoyed looking at beautiful coastal gardens around the cottage.  It got my design wheels turning which I can't wait to share with you.  Sometimes it takes unplugging to find yourself again. 
I will be back tomorrow morning with a post about my new favorite green object. Make sure to check back! Now I'm off to catch up with all of your fabulous posts!

Be Well,

April 19, 2012

Domino on Stands!

When I say "run like the wind" to  get the Special Edition Domino issue, I mean it!  It is fantastic.  I had a lot on my to-do list this morning and got zero done because on this magazine.  It is smart, inspiring, fantastic design on beautiful glossy pages. 

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April 17, 2012

Next DIY?

West Elm

I really like these modern iron lanterns from West Elm.  I don't like them enough with a price tag of 40 bucks.  I find that a little steep.  I did however find spot the below lanterns at Home Goods yesterday and noticed they had the same lines as the above ones.  I know they aren't exactly the same having handles and frosted glass centers,  but the frosted centers slide right our leaving room for a pillar candle just like the West Elm lantern.  It would be easy enough to take some iron black spray paint to them and viola!  With a price tag of 12 bucks a lantern at Home Goods, I am debating my next DIY?

Be Well,


Beautiful design work of Mandi Smith from Interior Design Musings

I have been really inspired by the color green lately.  Spring could be the reason, but I tend to think I have always been drawn to the color.  I tend to decorate with natural elements and neutral colors anyway.
While thinking about this post, I noticed I have green to some extent in every room of my house.  Isn't it funny when you notice an element of design that you replicate.  I also am known to do that with glass and bowls.
I ran across the picture below on Pinterest and immediately noticed the green blanket against the all white bedding.  Lovely!  I am now on the hunt for a green wool blanket of course. 
Weather in small doses like a throw blanket or a statement like the below collection of green dishes, green is timeless, natural and earthy. 



I NEED those pendants!


Do you have a color you gravitate to? 

* All images can be found here

Be Well,

April 15, 2012

Weedend In Pictures

This weekend wasn't really a weekend.  I worked another 6 day week, so my one day off consisted of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and drinking mojitos.  Yup, I said it.  We made some yummy agave mojitos at home.  It sure does make doing laundry and cleaning a lot more chic carrying around a yummy cocktail in a mason jar. 
Due to the short weekend,  I don't have any exciting photos to share.  I did however take two still life shots of  greenery found around the house..  I have learned that even in the crazy, busy seasons in life there is always beauty to be enjoyed.  You just have to take the time to find it. 

Be Well,

April 13, 2012

Steel Trellis Part II

I liked the results of my first trellis that I shared here, so  I decided to duplicate them in the backyard.  I have two young star jasmine climbers and had them on their original steaks.  After adding the trellis, I already like the width it looks like the jasmine will cover.  I am really "diggin" ( No pun intended)  the contrast of the wood fence with the steel wire. 
If you are interested in seeing the step by step process for the steel trellis go here.  Otherwise, here are some shots of the completed project.

I can't wait for the jasmine to cover the whole fence!  The smell will be heavenly.

Be Well,

April 11, 2012

Steel Trellis DIY Part:1

Thank you for all your kind responses to my exterior updates.  Here is the easy "How to" on the steel trellis.  It was so easy and under 10 bucks.  Sometimes the most simple of DIY's bring me the most joy. 
You will only need two supplies.  Galvanized steel wire and screw eyes ( picture below.)
Be sure to buy steel wire so the wire will hold up in the elements and not rust.

We measured out a 12" by 12" grid, marking the wall with a pencil.  Drill pilot holes for the placement of the screw eyes. 

Then simply string steel wire from the lowest screw eye to the highest on the same side laterally. Duplicate on the other side.  Continue the same process horizontally finishing by twisting the excess wire around the trellis. ( Pictured above.) 

Besides the modern appeal of this trellis,  I also liked the idea of being able to add to it as your vine grows.  I plan to continue the trellis over our garage door as soon as the vine grows another foot or two. 
I was also asked by a few followers what type of vine it is.  It is Wisteria.  The vine is covered with beautiful green foliage and clumps of purple hanging flowers.  A few more months and it will be full of blooms!

Be Well,

April 9, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Hope you all enjoyed Easter weekend.  Typically, Easter is a busy weekend with my husband being a youth pastor but this year he didn't have a ton of responsibility so we were able to enjoy it together.  This was the first weekend with some sunshine.  In Oregon, people come out of hibernation when this happens!  I picked up some plants at a nursery (above picture) to plant a window box.  I have never really been drawn to color in plants besides greens and whites.  Is that weird?

Hanging with my favorite girl in the sun.

Found this cool Chemistry beaker set at a antique store and purchased the large one for a cool vase.

With the warm weather, I pulled out a new maxi dress I have been excited to wear.  Gotta love classic stripes.

We are adding some updates to the exterior of our house.  One of the updates was a steel trellis we made for my vines to climb over our garage door.  Just waiting for some leaves!  Tomorrow I will be sure to talk about the modern trellis DIY.

I couldn't leave out the most exciting part of my weekend.  Kaylee Nicole entered the world.  Her mom is my best friend and I am pumped about the new addition in my life.  It is also so amazing to be entering this next season of  motherhood together.

Here's to a great week!

Be Well,

April 6, 2012

Curb Apeal


Many times, small changes can make a huge impact in a space.  In this case I have been wanting to update the exterior of our house with new lights and house numbers.  Our home is an East Coast style row house with some colonial detail.  Inside our home I decorate with mostly traditional elements with a hint of modern.  I decided to lean a bit more on the modern side with my exterior choices for the lights and numbers.


Two simple changes and I feel like they made a huge difference.  Do you like my modern approach to an otherwise traditional home? 

P.S.  The lights and numbers were both from Home Depot!  Three light fixtures and house numbers were all under 50 bucks! I ran out of Home Depot so fast before they could tell me I was stealin!

Be Well,

April 5, 2012


Maybe it's that Spring is here and I have been pulling weeds, filling bird feeders and watching bulbs bloom.  Whether it may be working in the garden or other places of inspiration, I have been digging floral prints.  This is a surprise to me because I have never had an ounce of any floral print in my home.  I'm not saying I am now on the hunt for floral wallpaper or anything.  I'm just inspired.

Be Well,

April 2, 2012

Peter Dunham Look Alike

It is no secret my love affair for Peter Dunham's fig fabric above.  I talked about it here and here.  For 100 + a yard, it will stay remain just an affair.  I just can't bring myself to buy fabric that expensive when in a the next few years it will be covered with juice and slobber. 
There is no true inexpensive replacement to fill the shoes of Peter's Fig fabric, but I did happen to run across the below print in a linen/cotton blend for $27 a yard!!! That's right folks.  A lot more reasonable.  The scale is actually similar.  The fabric below from Spoonflower is a bit zoomed in.


Pretty similar right?

April 1, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

The weekend went by too fast! Pulling a six day week will do that, blaahhh.  I managed to snap a few photos of my one day off to share with you all.  I picked up some Easter Lillies at Trader Joe's.  They are so fragrant!  Even though I haven't had a chance to sit in the living room to enjoy them yet, I know they are there.

Being an Esthetician, I try to have my nails always manicured ( I do them myself.)  Who wants to receive a facial from someone with chipping, dirty nails? Anyways, I found a new color by Essi that I love. It is called Madame Moiselle.  It is the perfect neutral pink. 

I found two pillows for my upstairs bench.  The larger one is from Home Goods.  All Linen!  The embroidered green pillow is from Pottery Barn on sale for 9.99!  I really like how the two speak to each other.

My good friend Ashley gave me this amazing blanket that she MADE!  Isn't it gorgeous?  She is one of the most selfless and thoughtful people I know.  Those two qualities make a friend for life folks.   I decided this will be the blanket we take to Ethiopia with us when we pick up Collin.
Ashley also has a blog where she shares delicious, healthy recipes.

Lastly,  I picked up this cute blouse at a boutique for $15.  I loved the little black dot like print and the cut of the shirt is really flattering.  I had to snatch it up for $15.

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

Wanting to know if you like the "Weekend in Photo's"  series that I have started?  Is it a keeper?

Before you leave, make sure to stop by The Vintique Object.  Camille is revealing her twin girls room.  It is fantastic!

Be Well,