June 29, 2011

Box Pillows

spotted at High Street Market

I am loving box pillows. What is your take on them? Do you like the form more than the original knife edge? I think they are pretty chic looking myself. I love the fullness as well. Here are some photos to admire.


Ashley Whittaker design


Miles Redd

Thomas O'Brien

June 27, 2011

What Comes Around Goes Around

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was super productive. The husband was out of town last week. I got gardening done, some retail therapy, new recipe's, and read 2 books all while working and having Stella & Dot Trunk shows! 
Over the weekend I came across an interview featuring designer, Tom Buckley and they showcased some of his work from 1969. I had so much fun studying these rooms noticing all the similarities between yesterday and today's design. Not much has changed since these pictures where published .  It seriously makes me think twice about the accessories I gave to Goodwill a year ago. I might have gotten rid of tomorrows treasures. Hope you have fun studying them for yourself.
See anything  you currently have in your home?

If you would like to see more of Buckley's work and read the very interesting interview go

Happy Monday,

June 24, 2011

Fabulous Room Friday

 Pretty amazing room right? Let's get to studying ladies...

* The symmetry of the room is calming and stately
* The curtains go all the way to the ceiling to add height to the room while making the windows look grand!
* Did you see there are two rugs layered upon each other on sisal carpet... Yum!
* Using 2 chests of drawers as side tables. I love how much storage it provides while allowing for personal vignettes on each side. Look at the stacks of books!

 Thought this would be a fun game to try. Cover your hand over the bed in the larger pic and notice the room is a pretty neutral room without the bedding. It just shows how important bedding is in a room. Think about changing just the throw at the end of the bed and a few pillows and you could have a totally different look. Possibilities are endless!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

* Image Source: Lonny Mag

June 23, 2011

More Mint

 While doing some retail therapy from the couch this morning, I ran across this minty beaut. It is glazed to perfection.

I know you have seen these all over the blog world, but I love these! I love it stacked to capacity. It is almost a piece of art.

Now off to the backyard for me. I have a day of pulling weeds, planting and a good power washing.  I hope whatever you are doing you are enjoying life!


June 22, 2011

Meet & Greet and a bit of Vignettes

For this week's Meet & Greet, I am excited to feature Sarah, with Flourish Design + Style. And does she have style! Sarah is an interior designer with a knack for bringing out her client's personality. I like to think Sarah and I have very similar style and that is why I fell in LOVE with her home. Here is where she blogs.

When I asked Sarah for a picture of where she blogs she emailed me this....

I wish I had a picture of a fabulously decorated office to show you, but the truth is, my blogging spot is my favorite spot on the sofa. Tucked into the sectional with my feet on the footstool, the girls in bed, a puppy curled up in a blanket at my feet..my blog time is my quiet time, so it's perfectly cozy :)

I couldn't have said it better myself!

I love the colors she uses in her home.  Natural yet chic. Here are some more inspiring pictures of her home.

I wanted to show off two of her DIY's that I think turned out amazing.

First one is an Ikea set of drawers.


Adding some paint and beautiful gold hardware turned the ordinary dresser into a chic piece of furniture.


Second, Sarah did something similar to a vintage desk.

I love how she painted the fronts of the drawers a crisp white to add a touch of modern to an antique. Something so simple yet often looked over.

Last but not least Sarah is a fellow Stella & Dot stylist. I have picked her brain on more than one occasion for ideas and how to's.  Thanks Sarah for being such a help and inspiring your readers to realize the possibilities are endless. 

If you are in the Toronto area and need design services check Sarah out here.
If you just want a daily does of inspiration go to Flourish Design + Style.

Thanks for letting me feature you today Sarah!
Like Vignette's...

Today The Vintique Object is talking about Vignette's and featuring some from my own home! Thanks Camille!

* If you are interested in having your blog featured on "Meet & Greet," I would love to hear from you!

June 21, 2011

Mint & Graphic Print Winner!

I have been really studying this room lately. I find it so appealing. I know the eclectic style first drew me in, but then I noticed other elements that really MAKE this room.

* I love the grass cloth wallpaper, adding texture
*The pink velvety carpet is so chic paired with the ikat MINT upholstered bed
* The round shape of the head board brings an eclectic feel which works well with the tradition nail head trim
* I have always been drawn to crisp white bedding
* My favorite are the gilded bench's paired with a simple yet chic cream fabric.

What do you think of this room?


I am pleased to announce the winner of my first art piece since kindergarten! Rene, with Cottage & Vine! I had a hard time picking one of you but it sounded like Rene reallllly wanted it! Don't worry, this won't be the last time I make some make shift art.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to "Meet & Greet" a very talented designer and lady after my own heart!


June 18, 2011

Not Just Another Kitchen


It's another rainy day in Oregon, the husband is out of town and I decided to try out some new recipe's today.  After spending much of my day in my kitchen I decided to post some of my all time favorite kitchen's.  These kitchen's all have one thing in common.  They feel like a room.  Not just a cold hard surfaced kitchen, but a cozy, lived in, cooked in, escape.    

House Beautiful

Spotted at The Decorista
Spotted at The Decorista
Did you notice the gold hardware in the last picture?!  I love how they centered the handles in the middle of the cabinet's. HOT!

Happy Weekend,

June 16, 2011

My Cheap " Look a Like"

When I ran across this picture I fell in love with the cheery/graphic print fabric on the headboard.

Alan Campbell Fabric - Retail $189/yard
At $189 a yard, it was way out of my budget.  Then at one of my weekly GoodWill stops, I ran across a set of new drapes still in their packaging that looked jaw droppingly (not a word) close to the Alan Campbell fabric. I picked them up for $4.99, which WAS in my budget.

Similar right?!! I love the salmon color with the gold hardware. I keep walking in the room to stare.

* Don't forget if you are interested in having a graphic art painting of your own, leave a comment here stating where you would put it to enter in the drawing.


June 15, 2011

Self Portrait's


I have always appreciated self portrait's.  I love how it captures someone in time. I love how simple a portrait is, yet conveys such a statement. I like to guess what era the portrait was painted by how the hair and clothes where styled.  I have run across many portraits in antique stores and even GoodWill, but have never taken one home. These next pictures have inspired me to pick up the next portrait I come across.




I have this portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, titled Self Portrait in my kitchen.  Can you spot it in the picture below?

My Kitchen

Can you spot the self portrait in My Many Moments header?


June 13, 2011

My Graphic DIY & first Give Away!

Last week I posted about black and white graphic/abstract art. You can see the post here.  I mentioned  I purchased a piece for my own home which I am waiting to get framed. Framing is expensive ladies! While waiting to bite the bullet and dish out the cash for a frame the size I need, I decided to create my own abstract piece. I wanted to add a smaller piece to my kitchen gallery wall which is a work in progress. With just a ten dollar bill and endless ideas I created this little guy.

My inexpensive supplies...

* Artist's canvas (2) pack of 8" by 10." price -$4.59
* Liquitex acrylic paint tube. price - 2.99
* Paint brush - already owned.

And this is where this little guy now lives.

I now own an original!

This is where you come in. The canvas I used came in a two pack and I only needed one. I thought I would paint another piece and give it away to one of you! Now I won't be offended if you don't want it. The last time I painted I was in kindergarten, but if you do, just leave a comment on where you would put the piece and I will choose one of you. Then you will have an original piece of art as well heeheee.


June 10, 2011

Garden DIY

I was catching up on Rene's blog and saw this picture. A stacked herb garden. How clever and pleasing to the eye.  This picture is from Martha Stewart. You can see the "how to" guide here.

Here is the start of Rene's herbs. I can just see them cascading over!

Her post totally inspired me for a little gardening project. I like the herb idea, but most die off and don't come back the following year in our climate. I decided I am going to do mine out of succulents!  

Happy Friday!

June 9, 2011


Picked up this cute linen vest from Madwell's today.  I thought it would look really cute with my black maxi dress, or with a summer blouse underneath.  Are there any items you can't live without this Summer?