August 31, 2011

World Market Fun

I stopped by World Market on my way home from work today because I had to pick up a few things I actually needed.  I was pleasantly surprised at all the fun patterns and fun items they had in the store. Here are some items that caught my eye, starting with the fun block print napkins above.

These cubes were fun and bold. I can see them by an old leather couch.

Nice natural chair that would look good flanking a dining table.

I loved all the colors of velvet bolster pillows!

More beautiful napkins


I bought one for the front door and the back,

Great baskets

Fun floor cushions.

This mirror would look great as a statement to a vignette.


Brass candle sticks

You can check out more from World Market here.  What is your favorite item?


August 30, 2011

Meet & Greet: Designer's Attic

I am super excited about the blog I have the honor of featuring today!  The Designer's Attic is the first blog I go to every morning before I even get my coffee! Why the rush you ask?  Because everyday there is textile eye candy on sale and a limited amount.
Shannon, the author of The Designer's Attic has a love like I for textiles and created a blog specifically to help us non professional designers get our hands on the most loved fabrics out there for GREAT prices.  I often think of Shannon as the "fabric fairy."  She is able to provide yards of hard to find fabrics and if you are looking for something in particular just email her, and she has great advice on finding the perfect print. 

This is where Shannon blogs.  Talk about beautiful textiles. I love the fabrics she has chosen in her own home. Bold, graphic and fun!  Her style in impeccable.  You can see more of her personal style and inspiration over at Pink Wallpaper.  You might already follow Pink Wallpaper.  If not, be sure to check it out.  You can find both of her blogs on my "Reading Inspiration" on the right column of My Many Moments. 

Kelly Wearstler


Clarence House


Clarence House


I love how Shannon will show the featured fabric, then picking an image where the fabric has been used.  It gets the wheels turning.
Thanks again Shannon for letting me feature your blog(s).  I am keeping my eye out for just the right fabric for an up coming project. Pictures to come.


August 28, 2011


I know I haven't posted in awhile but I have a good excuse!  I had a much needed girls road trip to Kahneeta.  Kahneeta is an Indian reservation in Oregon towards Bend.  It has natural hot springs and beautiful scenery.  The casino, pool, and great restaurant's are quite nice as well. We had quite a good time laying out, exploring, eating, and well just having girl time.  We camped out in teepee's.  Yes, that's right teepee's.  They each fit 10 people with a fire pit in the middle.  It was such an adventure!  Here are some more pictures from our fun trip.

Beautiful scenery

Our Campsite

Our Teepee

We camp in style & comfort

Pool heated naturally by hot springs

Ashley & I getting some vitamin D

There were tons of wild horses along the road

We had so much fun!
 Hope you all had a great weekend! And man, you guys have been writing great posts. I have been enjoying catching up from last week.


August 23, 2011

Ikat Addition

Just wanted to do a quick post to show you all my new ikat bolster pillow I picked up at West Elm for our bed. I am so happy with it.  I had tried a handful of pillows and when I put this beauty on, I felt confident that it was THE one. Do you know the feeling I am talking about?  When you step back and feel that "feeling" like all is right in the world? Well at least in your house..hehee.


August 22, 2011

Vintage Suitcase

 This past weekend I was browsing through one of my favorites antique stores and saw these vintage suitcases.  I thought they were cute stacked upon each other.  I didn't buy them, just admired, but here are some photos that get your design minds turning.  Sometimes the objects we walk right by have so much potential.


August 20, 2011

My Peacock's Arrived

I promised here I would reveal my little peacock's when they arrived.  They landed on my door step this weekend. I purchased them off etsy.  I love how stately they look on my dining table.  The brass plays off the wood nicely.  I can't wait to have my orange runner on the table with these little guys for Thanksgiving. 


August 18, 2011



spotted at Splendid Sass


spotted at Chattafabulous


spotted at High Street Market

I have been enjoying the use of green in spaces lately.  Maybe being outside so much had made me think about the use of green more inside? Whatever the reason is, green is beautiful!  I love all shades of green and how they compliment each other.  I am "green" with envy over the sofa with the light blue pillow.  The colors together are so cool and crisp...yummy!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Special Guest - Arcadian Lighting

Today I am blushing because a lead company in light fixtures ran across my little blog and found an interest.  I was contacted to see if I would be interested in "them" doing a guest post on the topic of linking fashion and interior design.  I of course said yes!  So welcome Arccadian Lighting, and thanks for stopping my my humble little blog.  Everyone make sure to stop by their website! It will really "turn you on." No pun intended.

Home decor trends follow on the heels of those on the runways - fabulous fashion-inspired interiors can always be traced back to particular "looks" from clothing designers. With similar colours, accessories, cuts, and shapes, a stunning dress can be the inspiration for incredible window treatments, table decorations or even a light fixture in a living room.

Forever yin and yang

Fashion Inspired Decor
Wolf and Willow via

Fashion Inspired Decor
Danielle Oakey Interiors via

The juxtaposition of black and white will forever be popular in fashion as well as in home decor - it's given an updated spin when accented by bold colours like red, yellow, green, and blue. This cozy bedroom looks streamlined with black and white wall art such as matching mirrors, animal silhouette plates and lamps, while the outfit above from the Etro spring collection looks stunning with a soft blouse and fun floral-patterned shorts.

Neutral bling

Fashion Inspired Decor
The Epoch Times via

Fashion Inspired Decor
piccsy via

Whites and creams always look elegant when paired with gold. An upscale living room with ecru furniture, carpeting and table decor looks instantly glamified with a gold pillow and furniture leg detailing. Just as it creates a sophisticated look for the home, white and gold is also a great combo for summer wear, such as the casual chic get-up above with subtle gold studding and a bedazzled belt.

Taupe and lavender

Fashion Inspired Decor
Elle via

Fashion Inspired Decor
Cococozy via

Soft shades like taupe and lavender still reign supreme in modern living rooms and on today's catwalks, and this season it's all about pastel palettes. A light purple-hued wall, taupe furniture, and an off-white ceiling light are perfect for a sophisticated sitting room, and it's evident Cotsello Tagliapietra is also a fan of mixing these subdued colours.

Some mustard on the side

Fashion Inspired Interiors
twenty2 via

Fashion Inspired Interiors
Little lovables via

Every good meal needs a condiment, and home decor as well as fashion is no exception. Mustard yellow is being worn and is being incorporated into contemporary spaces too, including this vintage sofa, textured area rug and a standing lighting fixture along with the breathtaking Valentino gown above. Darker touches, like the framed wall art and layered detailing on the neck of the dress, adds drama.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality light fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

While browsing their site I ran across a few budget friendly fixtures I am loving!