July 29, 2011

Adding Black

Yesterday I blogged about the color black in interior design.  I have been wanting to add a bit of black in my own home.  I love how black grounds a room and I needed that in my living room.  I needed something to balance out the dark leather couch.  So today I'm revealing my newly painted mantel!  It took some guts to start painting, but as the days go by, I like it more and more. 



Sorry for the glare.  I gathered inspiration from here.  So what do you all think?!  I am still playing with the accessories but it is getting there.

Have a wonderful weekend!

July 28, 2011


spotted at Belle Vivir

BLACK:  It's dramatic, stylish, and provides a grounding effect that is important in every interior. Just like mascara on the eyelashes or the perfect black dress, it is a great foundation to any design.  Weather you paint a room black or sprinkle it in rugs, frames, furniture or accessories, black is a design element that will always add depth and interest to your space.



Nate Burkus Design



I have been trying to add a bit of black in my home lately.  Tomorrow I will reveal my latest black addition.  Can't wait to see what you think!

July 27, 2011

Guest Post over at The Vintique Object

Camille's Dining Room via The Vintique Object

Wish I could say I was sitting with Camille from The Vintique Object  having a cup of coffee in her fantastic dining room.  Instead I am just guest posting.  Some day Camille we will meet!  Go check out her wonderful series... Ideas for Stylish living with Kids & Pets.

Thanks for including me in this fun series Camille!

July 25, 2011


Collections (n.): A grouping of objects accumulated in one location, to appreciate, admire, and converse.




design sponge

Cottage Living

What do you collect? 

Happy Monday,

July 22, 2011

Meet & Greet: Ladybird & Fellow

Meet Lindsay (Ladybird) and her family.  Adorable family right?!  This is a special Meet & Greet for me because Lindsay isn't just a blogger friend, but a real life personal friend here in Portland.  We immediately jived as soon as we found out we had so much in common. We have enjoyed many trips to Goodwill together, searching for treasures, painting furniture, and rearranging furniture in each others homes. 

Lindsay has a great/fun sense of style that shows up in every room of her home.  Here is where Lindsay blogs.

I love the whole set up. Such attention to detail.  Funny story about the desk.  Lindsay found it on Craigslist and asked me to spiff it up.  After a few, many coats of grey paint and some distressing, I love how it turned out. I'm glad Lindsay is happy with it too!

Lindsay and Jeremiah have two adorable little ones.  I wanted to share their rooms with you.  I love how Lindsay incorporated her style yet still making the rooms kid friendly.

Maddux's Room

Paetyn's Room

I can't believe we found this floral wing back chair at Goodwill for 25 bucks!

Lindsay also has great ideas when it comes to kid friendly projects.  I love the terrariums she put together with the kiddos. 

Can't leave out the dinosaurs.  I know for a fact the kids had a blast helping mom put these together and don't they look great grouped on her coffee table?  Go check out the post about their terrariums. 

To see more pictures of their adorable home and get ideas for entertaining the youngins', visit Ladybird & Fellow! Check out all the fun links on the top left of their blog!

Happy Friday,

* If you are interested in having your blog featured on "Meet & Greet," I would love to hear from you!

July 21, 2011

Grandfather DIY

Wanted to show you guys a quick little before and after. Found this grandfather clock on craigslist for 40 bucks.  Sorry for the bad craigslist picture.

Here it is now.  After some staining, painting, spray painting the pendulum, and sanding.  I'm really happy with it.

Pretty easy too...

  1. Sanded the clock down
  2. Stained it with a ebony stain
  3. Painted a coat of creamy goodness
  4. Sanded again
  5. Painted another coat
  6. Distressed it by sanding
  7. Spray painted the chains and pendulum black
  8. Stepped back and got excited!
Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to "Meet & Greet" a Special lady and her fellow.  If you are a mama or a papa you won't want to miss this one!

July 18, 2011

I'm a Copy Cat


Everyone by now has seen this glorious room featured in the latest issue of Lonny right?! I even blogged about it here.  Well after dissecting this room, I was scrolling over the objects with my mouse to see where they are from and I literally squealed out loud when I saw I could own part of this room!
That's right, I saw great design and copied it! If you blog and enjoy other blogs you probably have done it too! We are saturated with beautiful images that get ingrained in our pretty little heads.  Anyways.... this is what I copied....

The alpaca stone white pillow covers from West Elm.  I am in love love love!  When I saw them in the Lonny photo, I was really drawn to how they added so much texture.  Well they do the same in my living room! 

* Funny story... When I went online to purchase them they were on sale for 14 bucks! I about died. I then preceded to add them to my cart.  After placing them in, a box popped up saying out of stock!!! I then squealed again(not the good kind) and called West Elm in Portland.  The only one in our state.  They said they were also out of stock due to the Lonny Mag shoot. I thought, "Oh good, I'm not the only one who copies!"  They said there were 2 stone white cases on hold for a woman who had until 8 pm to pick them up, if not they are yours.  That night I said an extra prayer that the woman decides against the pillows.  Well ladies...there is a GOD!  Let's just say I was at the doors the next morning.


Anybody else feeling a bit busy lately?  I thought Summer was time to relax. I wish I had nice, relaxing events to share with you from my weekend, but I worked so I'll share a picture instead.  Here is a picture I snapped of the last peony from my garden.

I picked it for you!


July 15, 2011

Fall Line Launch

It's here ladies! The Stella & Dot Fall collection launched this week and is by far my favorite line to date! They really kicked it up a notch creating a bold yet feminine line with unique surprises that make every piece special! The line was inspired by bold women like Marchesa Casati, the eccentric early 20th century heiress who said, " I want to be a living work of art." That is where the inspiration of the Marchesa Fall Collection came about. Helping women be art!  Love it!
Here are a few pieces I have been wearing no stop since they arrived at my front door!

Go check out the whole line here.  Which is your favorite piece this season?


Back In the Day

Last night I was cleaning up some files on my computer and ran across pictures from when we moved into out home five years ago.  I had so much fun looking at what I thought was "decorated" back then.  I tried my hardest, but just started appreciating design.  My style has changed leaps and bounds since we moved in.  I don't know if I really even had a "style" per say, but I did appreciate beautiful things.  Today I can say I have honed in on what I like and know how to weed out what I don't. 
Here are some fun "Then & Now" pictures of my living room.  Keep in mind I wouldn't call my living room "complete," but I can say it is getting closer.
No laughing at the befores ladies!







Has your style changed over the years?

Happy Friday!

July 13, 2011



When it comes to house plants I have many.  I think plants really add texture, color and life to a room. By far my most favorite of house plants are orchids.  They are so distinguished, exotic and elegant.  They fit in any decor and if taken care of they last months.  Did you catch that.....IF TAKEN CARE OF.  That is where this post comes in.
They are sensitive little buggers! I can't seem to ever keep one alive after it finishes blooming.  The leaves turn yellow on me and the roots dry up because everyone I have talked to has scared me to death about watering them.
The Orchid plant will win no more over me! I bought a Easy-Care Orchid book a while back and due to my studying, I got my orchid to re bloom!  Yes, that is right. I thought if the tips worked for me, I need to share them with you. Here are some tips from a professional(not myself) on keeping a successful healthy orchid plant.

I should start by saying the tips below are for Phalaenopsis, Big Flowered Hybrid. This is the orchid plant that you find at any typical grocery store, nursery ect.

Orchids need sunlight in order to bloom. Low Eastern light. Windowsill's, ledge or dresser works great. When you bring your orchid home place the actual plant in the position you want it to stay. Why, because if it's orientation to light changes the flowers will skew in an irritating fashion for the plant and buds will not come to maturity! This is where I went so so wrong ladies! Every once in awhile I would pick up and move my orchid to whole other room!!!! Not good.

Orchids naturally grow on the sides of trees in tropical climates. They don't need much water due to their natural water storing center found in their leaves.  Due to their water-retentive leaves, they only need to be watered once a week.  How much water? 2-3 ice cubes. Over watering will lead to yellowing and saturation of the leaves causing them to die.

To get your blooms to last longer and the buds to all bloom, fertilize once a week with orchid fertilizer. I bought mine at Home Depot for a few bucks.  They were little beads I just dropped in the soil once a week.  Since some of the roots are bare, it is important to fertilize so they get the nutrients that they would be getting deeper in the soil.

Re-blooming Tip
When flowering finally finishes, cut the stem above the second notch from the bottom. This almost insures re-blooming. By cutting the plant down, it allows the plant to concentrate on the roots and regenerating buds. 

 Hope these tips help you as much as they helped me. My orchid re bloomed 4 months after I cut it down. I just kept following the tips above and it paid off.

* Bloom -Again Orchids Author, Judy White

July 11, 2011

Happy Monday

Do you know what makes this Monday a bit easier to bare..hmmm?

The new issue of Lonny is out! When I saw the cover yesterday, I was super excited to see a black and white graphic print! You know how much I love graphic prints! I blogged about them here, and I even painted one here
By the way, the whole issue is a piece of art. I stayed up way too late studying photos of  rooms. Here is the rest of the the beautiful house showcased on the cover. Try not to drool on your keyboard ladies.