June 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

So we are back from camp and we had the most amazing time! The weather was perfect and all the kids were on their best behavior, but most of all it was nice to be able to connect with God and see the kids do so as well. If any of you don't know how amazing and great He is then just ask, I'll tell ya!

June 19, 2009

Gone Camping!

( Hume Lake, Ca)

Be Back in a Week...

Inspiration From the Barn

Today as the rain just dumped on us here in the Northwest I went to one of my fav stores... Pottery Barn. I like it for so many reasons, it is well stocked for one and I love to touch all the different fabrics; I know a bit weird. The only thing I don't like about the store are the prices, but since I can't do anything about that I still had fun getting ideas. These few rooms were my favorites. They are a bit too "put together" for my style. I would need to add some old stuff to them but besides my knit picking, ENJOY...

June 16, 2009


Remember the post on my Laundry room re due...well I said the only thing I was waiting for was a chandelier. Weellll, I didn't find a chandelier but I found something better!
This is an old wooden lamp shade I purchased for 18 bucks. Matt rewired the old neon florescent lighting which made me feel like I was doing laundry in a prison. He changed it to a pendant fixture and then added the old Edison style light bulb. I love it. What do you guys think?

Bargains of the week. A bit of this...a bit of that

Jamaligarden.com is a website you should all put in your favorites. Whether you need some moss for a floral arrangement or some new vases this is a great place to shop. They have all things garden indoor or outdoor. Everything is super cheap because it is actually a wholesale distributor, but they let us everyday shoppers drool too. Here are some of my fav's. If you know me well, you know I always have fresh flowers in the house and I have found many of my vases on this website. Enjoy
(These mini urns are great for floral displays,potpourri or just by themselves on a stack of books)

(I heart these moss balls)

(I purchased this vase last year for 15 bucks!)

June 12, 2009

Happy weekend!

Hope you all have a Happy and Relaxing weekend whatever you do

Etsy Love

You all probably already know about Etsy.com. Its not a new thing but I find myself on it almost every day. It is a place where you can truly find inspiration for your next project or just buy it because the prices are great and they are all handmade things which is cool to help out other ladies like ourselves. Go check it out if you haven't done so yet. Here are some of my favorites from last night

(Cute flag banners you can get in tons of different print. Would be great for a backyard party!)

(Love this burlap pillow)

(These would be great for a NUMBER of different things: vase, pencil holder, shells, pictures,markers...you get the idea )

* Has anyone notice my like for the "Play on words game?" I crack myself up!

(Love the graphic print. Elegant but eclectic...so my thing)

June 11, 2009

Where do you blog?

When we moved into our 3 bedroom home we were not excited about making one whole room the office because of family expansion in the future. We decided to make out upstairs loft space the office. It was one of the smartest builds we have done. It has become the hub of the house and is where I do all my blogging. I designed it myself too! My friend Jana asked for pics of the finished project so here it is...

June 9, 2009

Bargain Tuesdays!

I am so so excited to share with you that Nate Berkus is introducing his new line to HSN! Thats right the mommy shopping network haha. He is so great with his traditional pieces that have a eclectic edge. And what can I say, he is easy on the eyes. Hehe. Go check out his totally affordable home furniture and accessories on HSN.com. Here are some of my fav's that I would love to bring home.

June 6, 2009

The Saturday Market

Today my friend Lacey and I went to the "Old Town Hillsboro Saturday Market." It is walking distance from my house and is such a fun/relaxing thing to do. There are vendors ranging from organic baby food, plants, art, antiques, and food galore! We each purchased a bouquet of Peonies for only $5 bucks and ate way to many yummmmy things. We also had time to go into one of my fav antique stores where we both SCORED! Thanks for such a fun and relaxing morning Lace. xoxo

(Fresh Organic Produce for cheap)

(Bouquets for 5 bucks)

(Lacey HANGIN' around)...get it hahah

(5 dollar Peonies!)

(My buddy)

(Sausage samples)

(Lacey making me try Buffalo!)

(Fun Times)

June 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hi y'all! Missed you guys and glad to be back home. Visit with my mom and family went well. The transplant went beautiful but the side effects from chemo and radiation are not so good. The Docs decided to put my mom in an induced coma until she starts to generate white blood cells again. It was a hard decision but the PAIN was so severe from the fever,fungal infections,pneumonia ect. My poor mother. There was a moment she was vomiting and shaking from the pain and I was helping her. She stopped and looked at me and said... "Honey its getting late, have you eaten dinner?" My mother in all her pain and suffering is still an amazing mom. Here are some pictures of the team starting the stem cell transplant and mom and I.

Thanks for all your support and prayers


Look at the cute dress I picked up. I love the pom-poms on the bodice. How cute is this for the summer or fall with cowboy boots and a jean jacket!