November 30, 2010


Now that I have my beautiful campaign piece of furniture(pic's to come) I need two gourd table lamps to finish the look. I have an obsession with gourd lamps, as well as many other people! They are quite popular and transition in any style setting. Here are a few inspiration pic's I have collected over the year.

I can't wait to show you everything put together!
Happy Holidays,

November 19, 2010

Campaign Furniture Crush

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Campaign furniture! If I was a style of furniture it would be it! It was a trend in the 60's with its lacquered finish and famous brass hardware. The problem is, the pieces are really hard to find and when you do find them they are pricey! Not to give too big of a hint, but I "might" have found a steal today...and it "might" be being delivered in a few hours!!!!!!


November 17, 2010

Feeling Blue

I'm feeling blue today. It's poring outside, I slept wrong on my neck and I'm not motivated to do anything today! I decided looking at gorgeous photos always makes me feel better. These photos all felt "blue" to me :)

Hope you have a blue but happy day!