April 30, 2009

I love these vintage mug/hat racks. I see all the possibilities like during the holidays and then just day to day stuff like dog leashes, scarves and hats

Remember this one? I picked it up for a couple of buscks at a junk shop. I dry brushed some cream paint and put it up in my entry way. I love it!

April 29, 2009

Howdy Partners...We're back!

I can't even start to tell you how much "Texas" fun we had. Matt and I were visiting my sister for a few days in Houston. Then we celebrated our 3 year anniversary at the "Houstonian." This was the most amazing resort! The average room goes for 3-4 hundred per night! Good thing we got the hook-ups through my brother. We then ate at one of the best sea food restaurants enjoying champagne, crab legs, champagne, steak and champagne. Hehehe. What a way to celebrate another year of marriage bliss.( Or something like that, hahha)

We then stayed with two of our most amazing friends(Kent and Jana.) They live in the Woodlands. They have a beautiful home and two of the cutest dogs ever! I miss them already.

The four of us were quite active going on nature walks, long bikes rides and kayaking. We even went to a concert in the park. Talk about amazing hosts.
Finally...enough talking about the trip, here are pics of all the Texas fun! Yeeehaaaw

(Matt and Bella in the pool) (In front of seafood house)

(Four of us at the lake) (Kent and Jana's adorbal house) (Their back patio/fountain and huge backyard) (Kent and Jana at concert) (Jana doing the robot) (Matt and Kent) (Yeah we're trouble) (I love these dogs)

April 14, 2009

Someones Junk is My Treasure

Today I treated myself to a few hours of junkin'. I have a couple favorite stores in the area and these are picks of my finds. Many friends want to see the before pics so here they are before I make them perfect for me. Pics to fallow.

Pics: 1. old wire basket 2. Old candy Jar 3. Plug in wall lamp 4. Old mug rack

Am I boxed in?

I have been drawn to the simple elegance of "The Boxwood" forever! I love how they are...

  1. All monochromatic

  2. clean lines and

  3. clean shape

  4. formal but casual at the same time

  5. timeless

  6. structured

  7. Thrives year-around (evergreens)

  8. Insect resistant

  9. Takes on many shapes

  10. Hard to harm or kill

  11. Dependable

OH MY GOSH!!!! I think I love them so much because they have all the qualities I aspire to be!