August 26, 2009

I Told You!

To all of you that come in my home and say "Where did you get that piece of furniture?" And I say..."Craigslist for 20 bucks." And you say..."No way, I don't believe you." Here are examples of what my mind sees when others see junk...

This dinning room set with chairs is just 100 bucks! There is so much potential! With just a bit of sanding,paint and reupholstering of the chairs you can have a similar look like Pottery barns set

Look how similar the chairs are! They are 3oo each at PBarn and you can get all the chairs and table for 100 bucks...just add paint! You will feel like you stole something I promise. LOL

Look at these beauties! These old Parsons chairs just need a bit of love. They could be yours for $25 bucks each!

Look how similar the above chair is! They are $350 each at Ballard designs and you can get a pair for $50 bucks on Craigslist

This table is only 40 dollars and I don't know of any replicas but I love the cane and the shape. This would be so cute as a display table or as a side table in a bedroom

This red cafe chair is only 6 bucks and I wouldn't change a thing! My lunch today was more than that!

You all have seen this clock before; my masterpiece! I purchased it for 50 bucks....

And turned it into this...

As you can see anything is possible. I wanted to show you that you can have the expensive looks for a steal and really not have to settle.
I found all the above items in 10 minutes just looking for things to blog about, but there are hundreds more great finds.
Happy Hunting!

August 20, 2009

I'm Twisted! that I have had some time to think about this "NEW" style of mine I realized I am still the same Traditional girl but just with a twist! I still like the lines and texture of traditional style, but I have had the urge to add these sparks of glam! I love that word Glam...kind of like adding Sass to my house. This idea kind of makes me smile. You too huh Lace?! :) Anyway I was doing research, yes studying about this new style I like to call "Twisted Traditional"...

All of these pictures show very traditional furniture pieces in traditional settings, but they all throw a twist of a modern or regal feel with textures and fabrics. Instead of a buffet with two traditional lamps on each end..they sass it up with bird lamp. Still traditional setting, just with a bit of flare! I'm loving this new me. hahaha

August 14, 2009

What a deal...Bargain Tuesday way early!

So I was at Pottery Barn with my friend Lacey looking at the new fall line and fell in love love love with this.....

This bench would be perfect at the end of our bed! I wanted it until I saw the price tag for 799.00! Never would I pay that for a bench. I decided to search for a look-a-like and went to just to see and little to my surprise I found...

It is a darker print but I like it even more! It has grey outlining if you look closely which if my favorite color and it has almost identical legs with the PB bench. It is 60 in. long which is the exact length of our Cal King, and the PB one was only 48 in. long. The thing I like best about this bench is it is only 200 bucks compared to 800! I can't wait to welcome this new piece to our home!


August 11, 2009

Bargain Tuesdays!

I try my best before I buy anything to see if I can find a similar piece for a cheaper price. Sometimes discount stores have not just look alikes but "Can't tell a difference likes." hah anyways,the stores that I look at for replicas are Target, Pier 1, Goodwill, ect. Lately I have been quite impressed with the great finds at OVERSTOCK.COM...

(This couch is over 1,000 bucks more on PBarn)

(Set of three ottomans for 200 bucks!)
(This cow hide rug would be so cute in a kids room)

(Look at the nail trim on these leather chairs!)

August 8, 2009

Drum Roll Please...


This Cabinet holds so much inside! Matt is putting a new cedar backing and cedar shelves in it. I am going to put blankets, vases, serving pieces and table linens. Do you like our new addition?

August 7, 2009

What a Day!

Today Matt and I were thinking about going to the beach for the day to just relax and then as our day got going the beach became an afterthought. We instead seemed to get anything and everything done! Here is our crazy day...
  1. Clean House
  2. Gym for 2 hours
  3. Make lunch
  4. Major Grocery shopping
  5. Barrowed a truck
  6. Took truck to pic up a new piece of furniture off craigslist
  7. Went with Matt to get his second Tattoo!
  8. Hung up some frames and art at home

Weird day but so fun and accomplished a ton!

About the new piece of is on my top 5 favorite things now in my home. It was amazing I fell upon it and now I heart it. Want to see pics,well you will have to wait til' tomorrow because right now I'm going to get some R&R

August 6, 2009

Take a Seat

Hi Ya'll I'm back! While I was gone I came up with some projects I would like to do around the house. This next item isn't a necessity by any means but would make my dinner parties fantastic. I love the idea of having a love seat, bench, mini couch ect. as seating at the dinner table. Here is a pic of my kitchen table with the all white chairs. I would like to put the new piece on the back side of the table closest to the bay window. Excuse the dark pics...

Here are pics of some of my favorite love seats that I think might work. Of course I would never buy them full price they are just ideas. I know I will find a diamond in the rough at Salvation Army that just needs some TLC. I have a wish list of what characteristics this love seat will have...

  1. Tufted back
  2. low arms
  3. higher back
  4. Wooden legs with casters possibly