March 29, 2012

Photo Ledge DIY

I totally forgot I never shared pictures of our photo ledge that I talked about trying here.  Sorry for the delay, but better now than never.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  It fills an otherwise odd empty space with a bit of interest.  Did I mention it was a super cheap DIY.


Here is the empty wall at the top of our landing.  The walk space is narrow with no room for a piece of furniture.  The light switch always threw me off when hanging a piece of art.  It seamed to always make the art look unbalanced.  I decided that a photo ledge would be a fun way to be able to cherish fun family memories. 

 Here is the wall with my new photo ledge.  If you look close you will notice one frame at the end waiting for a family memory to be saved.  We are going on vacation  this April for our anniversary and hope to fill it.

Here is the how to....

Using one ledge only went half way across the wall so I purchased two and used wood filler to fill in the seam between to make it unnoticeable.

Wood Filler & Caulking

I caulked underneath and all around the shelve. Then I painted over the caulking with our existing wall paint for a built in look.


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March 27, 2012

Messy or Collected


Messy or collected?  I ran across this picture and I first thought it looked like a cozy nook with the books and gallery wall.  Then I looked at it closer and saw all the little objects on the shelves.  I'm sure most of us can relate to this look in some part of our home. 

I would love to know your take on this space. Do you find this image more messy or collected?

March 25, 2012


Hope you all had a great weekend.  If you read for design you might want to skip this post, unless you like BODY ART.  That's right, I got my first and last tattoo over the weekend.  Here is the story.
I lost my mom from Leukemia 2 years ago.  She was an amazing woman.  Strong, free spirited, independent, funny, gorgeous (above picture).  She lit up a room when she walked in it.  I had the privilege of calling her mom. 
Growing up she used to read to me every night.  While tucking me in, she would say, " I love you more than all the grains of sand in the world and all the stars in the sky." 
As I got older and we got in the occasional tiff, she would always end the argument with repeating that same phrase, letting me know in spite of frustration I was still loved.

While  she was fighting cancer she slept a lot.  Often times, I would be in her bed reading while she slept.  She would roll over on occasion and ask me if I knew how much she loved me?  I would answer, " You love me more than all the grains of sand in the world and all the stars in the sky."  She would nod and smile then go back to sleep.  You see, as simple as  those words might be, I feel like they were my mom's way of saying I was cherished.  Everyone wants to feel special and loved.  My mom reminded me that I was constantly. 
This past weekend marked 2 years since she passed.  I decided what a better way to honor her than doing something she would probably shake a finger at!

" I love you more than all the grains of sand in the world and all the stars in the sky."
                                                                                                                                       - Mom

Be Well,

March 20, 2012

Window Shopping At Ballard Desgin

Wicker Umbrella Stand

I was flipping through the new Ballard Design Catalogue and saw this Wicker Umbrella Stand.  Wouldn't mind calling it my own, that's for sure!
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March 19, 2012

Lumbar Love

Southern Living

I have loved the above picture from Southern Living magazine since it came out 2 plus years ago.  When I saw that velvet couch with the over sized lumbar pillow I squealed out loud!  I have kept it on my inspiration board for years now.  Then when The picture below came out in Lonny last year with the ikat West Elm lumbar pillow I had to have one.  It now lives on my bed. 
Lumbar pillows are one of those accessories that I find super appealing.  My favorite is when they are used over sized on a couch.  Anyway they are used it is a great way to add a bit of pattern and scale to a room. 


House Beautiful

Lauren Liess Design

Architectural Digest

Do you have any thoughts on lumbar pillows?


Make sure to check out a really fun Spring Series over at Interior Design Musings.  Mandi is featuring seven blogger's this week.  They are sharing their 7 favorite things of Spring.  I was tickled when Mandi asked me to be apart of this series!  I will be sharing my 7 favorite Spring things on Thursday. 

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March 16, 2012

Guest Post: Patterned Sofa's

Upgrading a space is always worthwhile, especially when it
means creating an interior that grabs everyone’s attention. If you’re tempted
to try something new and exciting, why not incorporate a patterned sofa? It’s
easy to go with solid color upholstery, but patterns are so much more fun. Not
to mention they do end up complementing a space. Even though initially it may
be scary taking the decorating plunge, here are some daring sofas that will help inspire you to create
the interior of your dreams.

Take the risk and decorate with patterned sofas!

Nathan Turner Design

A happy sofa with a variety of colors and patterns goes wonderfully in a neutral interior, but don't be afraid to tie in red accents with this piece, for example. I can envision red roses on a mantle or a romantic lamp shade that pulls from this gorgeous sofa's colors.

If you like to stay with classic shades like black and white but need a single statement piece, then a couch with zigzags will definitely make the space come alive with personality. 

As I mentioned before, eclectic is fun if you can do it right. If you start with a sofa that you absolutely adore {like the one above,} and go from there, you'll have a playful interior that suits your taste and personality.

Stripes and colors! This interior reminds me of a candy cane come to life. With the gorgeous multicolored striped sofa and fun pillows, this room screams originality. The decorator did a wonderful job with matching the pictures on the wall to the sofa and pulling out the color schemes just perfectly. 

If you are more conservative and nervous about adding too bold of a pattern, this option from West Elm is beautiful and almost still acts as a neutral.

So what are you waiting for? Take the risk and incorporate a
patterned sofa or two into your interior. Instead of worrying about how it will
turn out, you may be surprised with the result. Modern interiors are certainly
welcome in the interior design world and eclectic is very much in. So take a
deep breath and take that decorating risk.
Bio: Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger. She loves how fashion and interior design come together to create a lovely space, especially with the perfect sofa. You can catch up Sierra's latest adventures on her Ocean Dreams blog.
Thanks Heather!

March 14, 2012

Decorating With Bowls

I know it might be a little weird to designate a whole post solely on bowls, but they are one of my favorite accessories in design.  I have them in every room of my home.  They are functional, beautiful, come in all shapes and sizes and are useful for just about anything and everything. From organizing jewelry to displaying a  simple bloom of your favorite flower, a bowl is a perfect object to have handy. 

Here are some of my favorite spaces/vignettes that used bowls in their decor.

House Beautiful


Lauren Liess Design

via - My Little Bungalow



This last photo is a nook in our bedroom where I use two bowls for an easy place to drop off jewelry at the end of the day.  I found them at GoodWill.  I actually have found my most favorite bowls at GoodWill. 
What do you think about bowls.  Perfect accessorise for a room or dust collector?

P.S.  Thank you to all stopping by my blog for the first time via Camille over at the Vintique Object.  Her post yesterday sent many of you my way and I enjoyed all your emails and comments.  Looking forward to checking your blogs out as well! 

Be Well,

March 11, 2012

Weedend In Pictures

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was busy as usual.  We had our last home visit with our social worker to complete our Home Study portion of the adoption.  In preparation for her arrival, I bought some fresh flowers to go on the coffee table.  I love ranuculus! 
On Saturday my new bathing suit that I talked about here, came in the mail!  I am so happy with it! Now I we just need some sun!
After the interview with our social worker we went out to celebrate with friends for happy hour. 
Lastly Nixon our bulldog and I had the opportunity to sleep in on Saturday. She needs her beauty sleep! 

Matt & I with our social worker

My new JCrew Suit

Happy Hour

Sleeping Beauty

Here's to a great week!

Be Well,

March 10, 2012

Kanta Chaise, Oh My!

I saw it in person ladies!  It is beautiful.  Block print fabric with grey velvet piping.  This Kanta chaise is a new item at Cost Plus and is simply beautiful.  The price tag makes it even more alluring at 350.00 on sale from 450.00.  Oh how I wish I had a place for this chaise. Maybe I can live vicariously through one of you?


Be Well,

March 6, 2012

What's Does Your Table Say About You?

Have you ever taken a good look at your bedside table?  Do you have a photo of a loved one, tissue, chap stick, books or maybe a a special object from your travels?  What I'm getting at is, I think looking at someone's bedside table says a lot about that person.  If they are avid readers, minimalists ect. I think it is one of the most personal spaces in a house. What does your bedside table say about you?   Here are some beautiful bedside table vignettes.  Some are totally staged and others are a bit more realistic. 

* All images can be seen here.

Be Well,