September 29, 2011

Black Shades


I love black lampshades. I grew up with them in my parents home paired with red porcelain bases. I think they add a chic, defined presence to any room. They are classic, yet they can leave a vintage lamp feeling a bit more modern. Have fun looking at some of my favorite rooms where black shades are used. Which room is your favorite?


Architectural Digest



Elle Decor

via Eddie Ross

House Beautiful?



I added a black lamp shade to a room in my house, but I am going to make you wait until Monday to share pictures.  Hint: There is a heap of clean laundry I need to fold before I can take the picture.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

September 28, 2011


I was reading an article on a Tennessee architect who created his own masculine mission style home   incorporating collections, family heirlooms, style and creativity.  I really appreciate this home showing how masculine design doesn't need to be a black leather club chair and a wide screen t.v!
I have always been a fan of designers like Thomas O'Brien and Nate Berkus who use wool, herringbone, woods, architecture to add a warm yet masculine feel.  Hope you enjoy the house tour.
To read the article and see more photos go here.

These porch pillows where made from old army blankets.

The envelope was blown up to make personal art.

  I love his collection of metal buildings.

Beautiful textiles. Thomas O'Brien bedding from Target.

What is your take on masculine design? 

September 27, 2011

Where I Blog

I received a comment from a fellow blogger reguarding one of my "Meet & Greet" posts, saying she thought it was fun to see where everyone blogs.  She asked where I blog?  I thought I would share a few pictures of our upstairs loft area that we turned into a home office.  It was an empty space when we moved in.  We threw around the idea of a window seat, but there aren't many days where I have time to stop and sit with a cup of tea and stare out the window, so instead we decided to make it the hub of the house and I am thrilled with the decision because it gets a ton of use.  There are a few things I would like to change, like the hardware and lamp shade, but besides that I am happy with the results.

We chose a ebony stain for the desk top instead of white to add a bit of contrast.  I love the small dings, dents, and scratches that are showing on the wood.

I found this antique light pendant at a vintage store for 8 bucks.  With a bit of spray paint and Windex it turned out pretty well.  I like the etching in the glass.

The director chair was a recent purchase.  I love the look and never knew how comfortable they are!

Don't judge in on the fact that I have a book by Tori Spelling.  I grew up watching 90210.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of where I blog.  If any of you are interested in being featured in "Meet & Greet" I would love to here from you!


September 26, 2011

New Orleans Trip

Like I promised, here are some pictures of our recent trip to New Orleans.  My family is from New Orleans, but I have never taken the Mr. there to see my Southern roots.  We went to all the touristy places for him and ate our way through Bourbon Street.  We took a carriage tour of the French Quarter, visited the St. Louis Cathedral, took a day cruise on a steam boat, went on a swamp tour, and relaxed with family having some much need down time.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Famous Beignets (Before)


St. Louis Cathedral

The Mr. Me and my Dad

Cathedral marble floors


Stone angel in Cathedral

Mardi Gras Masques


Steam Boat ride

My Aunt Kerry & I on the steam boat

Carriage ride through French Quarter

Our cute tour guide

The whole fam

Balcony's in the French Quarter

Bourbon Street at night

Phone line with beads hanging from this past Mardi Gras in March!

Loads of natural Spanish Moss

12 ft. long female

They eat hot dogs on a stick

Water Boy!

Well, back to work for me.  Happy Monday.