September 8, 2009

I'm feeling Gray and I love it!

I know most people like their bedroom to feel light and airy. They enjoy the morning sunshine to brighten up the room but I much prefer a dark bedroom. It can be tricky though because you can easily go too dark and close up the room by either the wrong shade or wrong accessories. I convinced Matt that he would enjoy a cozier,darker bedroom and now after the first few strokes of paint..he is in love, as am I. Ahhhh. So a few things to remember about going dark..
  1. Make sure you go with a matte finish. No eggshell or satin. The matte finish will calm and warm the space instead of energize and make it cold.
  2. Make sure you play the dark walls with either crisp molding or lighter linens.
  3. If the room had no natural light..don't go dark.

Here are some pictures of darker painted bedrooms that are gorgeous and also fallow all the above rules. I will post pics of our bedroom when I'm done!

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