January 4, 2011

Good Will Finds

I stopped by my local Good Will the other day looking for some pieces for The Modern Shed. I didn't find any furniture worthy of a makeover, but I did find fun accessories that found a place in my cart.
I love this graphic black/cream pillow. Velvet with a down insert!

Cute wood bowl/tray that I already accessorized with pine cones

Cute owl print with "wise" words in a old wooden frame

Gorgeous porcelain bowl. Will be the home for my keys

Another old book I had to take home. Works of Shakespeare

Cute Ikat basket that I staged with my poinsettia from the Holidays

I have really great Goodwill's, Salvation Army's and Thrift Stores around my house that are loaded with fun finds. Makes me sometimes think of starting an online store so you can pick a few of your own treasures?



  1. some good finds, I'll say! Love the pillow and owl print especially! I am going with ya next time friend! PS-have you been to the place lately with the Fred Meyer "letters?" Do they still have the "R"?

  2. makes me want to head out and look for treasures!

  3. Couldn't agree more.. there are so many great finds, that alot of people would miss! Looks like you have a great eye! x