March 23, 2011

Meet and Greet - The Industiral Cottage Inc.

Today I have the honor of introducing you to a woman with many hats...Molly with The Industrial Cottage.  She is a busy mother of three, runs her own seamstress business, has an etsy shop, and finds time to be an inspiration to us "God Fearing Women." 

This is where Molly lets her creative juices flow...

She calls this space her "Cozy Corner" and I can see why. She likes the light streaming from the windows and enjoys a cup of coffee while she blogs.


One of my favorite projects she has done in her home...

Look how clever and super cute her kids beds are.  I love her industrial chic look she goes for in a lot of her rooms. When you go check out her blog, check out the amazing barn doors that are on tracks in her home.  They are fantastic!

Like I said she has an etsy store where she lets her talent shine. Just look at this perfect Cow Hide pillow cover  for sale.  I have been eyeing it for a month now.

Here is a look at another one of her talents... Slipcovers

And last but not least, I love her baby slings. I'm not a mom but they are so cute I wonder if my dog can fit in one?  She just revealed the patterns she will be using this Spring/Summer.

Have fun checking out The Industrial Cottage!



  1. That pillow is pretty fabulous and I love the round table next to her couch. I really admire Molly's sewing talents. I'd kill to be able to do what she does! -Camille

  2. I love the tabs! I miss you come back to me!

  3. Thank you for this introduction. I like it already and am happy to find another etsy shop to stalk.