April 28, 2011

Brass Cuties

Vintage Zen

 I have been seeing  lots of brass figurines at the local antique stores. I am enamored by them. They are eclectic, brass, vintage, modern all wrapped into one. A perfect little accessory that I could see sitting on a stack of books.

High Street Market

Gallivanting Girls

8 Point Design

Estate Eclectic

Fabulous Mess

Cypress House

Which one is your favorite?

Happy "Royal" Weekend!

Yes, I am one of the crazy women who are getting up at 1 am to watch the big show!



  1. I like the fish doing a push-up. I want it! Which is your favorite?

    I want to watch the Royal Wedding, but no TV. Do you think I could find it streaming online?

  2. Camille I am sure they stream it online somewhere! Its on like every channel!

    Heather I love the brass figures its hard to choose a favorite tho!

  3. Jeez, Heather, you make it so hard for us! If I had to pick, I'd say the whale--I love his little tail.

    Happy weekend, and thanks for your email!

  4. Thanks for the feature, Heather! Wasn't the wedding incredible??

  5. I love all of them! Great picks...it was so nice to see your beautiful face yesterday! I feel very blessed to have such a great friend in my life!