April 25, 2011

I'm Liking...

Jayson Home & Garden

Ava Clogs - Land's End Canvas

Ginkgo Sage - Jay Yang Fabric

Huge Brass Deer Statue

Clare Vivier Clutch

Andy Warhol's - Rorschach

 Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. It was our 5 year anniversary so we had a fun, yet relaxing weekend filled with good food, good friends, and good naps!
These items have been on my radar. I surely can't afford the Jayson's chair, but I sure do love how the arms are upholstered. I think it makes it modern yet soft.
I also found the massive deer statue while browsing etsy. It is over 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Wouldn't it look cool living in front of a fireplace?
You were probably stumped seeing the ink blot by Andy Warhol, but I think it is really cool abstract art. I can see it living in a thin gold frame with a picture light on top. I am really loving black and white modern abstract art right now.

Happy Monday,


  1. Every time I see that Jayson chair I become just a wee bit happier, I can't lie. Something tells me your expert thriftiness will score you a similar chair soon!

    P.S. Happy anniversary!

  2. You GO girl! Especially the Andy Warhol. Also, the more I look at the first picture in your previous post about eclectic rooms, the more I adore it.