May 17, 2011

Another Find

I know, I'm obsessed with campaign furniture. But I just can't get enough. This was not a planned purchase. I saw it on Craigslist for 40 bucks and couldn't pass it up. The wood is in really good shape but I am still thinking of painting it this color...

Domino Mag

A really rich cobalt blue in high gloss. After bringing the hardware back to life, I can see a white porcelain lamp and an over sized fern sitting on top. Can you see it?

Have you found any good finds lately?



  1. Love it! I found a long campaign dresser in South Carolina -- and it is at the painter's right will be a glossy white when done...but can't wait to see yours when finished! Take care, Caroline

  2. Beautiful Heather! I like the wood color as well as the beautiful "peacock teal"! Where are you going to put it? :) Whatta deal!!!!

  3. I LOVE THE COBALT BLUE!! Its beautiful!

  4. Great find!!! Love the handles and am totally a big fan of bklue so I think you should go for it!!!

  5. Heather, I can't wait to see how you transform it! A high gloss cobalt will be fabulous...are you thinking spray paint or roll on?

  6. Score!!

    So guess what? I scored too. Right after I read your comment, I went and picked up a FREE Docksta pedestal table. Holler! CL is the best.

  7. I can't wait to see it in that gorgeous blue with the shiny brass. There might be nothing prettier than that deep blue and brass -- maybe because it reminds us of the moon?

  8. Thanks for the comments ladies!
    Naomi- Pictures please!!
    Lindsay- I have no idea where I am going to put it! Now it is in our closet as much needed storage.
    Camille- That is interesting, I never thought of that. Blue,brass,green(from the fern) yummy!

  9. Please post the after shots can't wait to see them. Love that its was only 40 bucks!!! Thanks for comment on blog recently - new follower xx