May 4, 2011

Designer of the Month

{Schuyler Samperton}

For my May "Designer of the Month" I chose a woman I find to be incredibly talented in eclectic design. She strives for a lived in yet carefully placed touch, with loads of color and texture. She breaks all kinds of "so called" design rules and I love her for it. 
I was introduced to her work by Domino Mag that I know most of you are familiar with and sad that it is no longer in print. I found a "Question & Answer" from Domino mag asking Schuyler interesting questions. I pasted the interview at the bottom of this post. Really interesting and helpful ideas she gives. 
Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. 

Domino & Schylers Q & A

How did you get into design? Who or what influences you?
Schuyler Samperton: I grew up with an architect as a father, and a mother with a great affinity for interior design.
After a fairly long career in entertainment publicity, I started to work for my friend, the designer Michael Smith in 1998. I was a design assistant for Michael until 2003, when I started my company.

When you’re starting a room from scratch, what’s the first thing you choose?

SS: I always start with a rug!

What current trend do you think we’ll be so tired of in five years?

SS: Hollywood Regency, hands down. I couldn't be more over it now.

 How do you like to dress a bed?

SS: I love the look of a unique headboard, either upholstered in an antique textile or kilim fragment. It's a great way to add texture and warmth to a room.

 What’s the most common mistake homeowners make? And how can it be avoided?

SS: Quite often people don't understand the importance of scale or the need to include a combination of opposites -- tall and short, pieces with legs and upholstered pieces, patterns and solids. A great mix is what makes an interesting room.

 If you could only splurge on one item in a room, what would it be?

SS: I always think that curtains are worth spending money on -- they can really make a room.


 So what do you think of her? Do you recognize any of her work? I think her rooms have a lot of Asian/tropical inspiration, no?

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All of the pictures and more of her work can be found here.



  1. I love the pops of texture and color throughout the rooms! All the rooms are so interesting and keep my attention! I cant wait till my home does that :)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful and so layered, like you said and just what you like! Look at the first one! How she does pink curtains with the touches of red? Talk about breaking rules.
    I loved reading the interview too when she talks about using opposites. There's one to mull over.

  3. I'm back, because blabber-mouth can never shut-up! Anyway, I just wanted to add that it's interesting what she said about being over Hollywood Regency. I read that recently about the rustic look and I love both!

  4. Camille- you are not a blabber mouth! I love reading your comments. We are so spot on with our taste!