May 25, 2011

Meet & Greet - Design Manifest

Meet Naomi from the blog Design Manifest.  She is an interior designer in the Philadelphia area. Her blog is her design journal that we luckily get to partake in! She has fantastic taste, using bold colors, with bits of modern, traditional and ethnic flairs.

This is where she blogs...

Bold and Beautiful! No wonder her blog is so chic, blogging in that environment!

I wanted to introduce Design Manifest to you in case you don't already follow because I am always amazed at her DIY projects. Often times I see DIY's and think they look like DIY's! Not Naomi's! Hers look like they are just as expensive as the real deal. There have been two projects in particular that made my jaw drop, but before I share them with you, here are a few photos of her amazing loft.

Pure eye candy, right?!!

OK, now to  Naomi's DIY's.  She took this pine dresser from Ikea.

Stained it...

Painted it...

Added hardware...

And Viola!

To see this project step by step and the inexpensive cost breakdown go here.

This next DIY is my all time favorite! If you read my blog at all you know I love campaign furniture and asian art.  Naomi created the perfect piece.

And here is the finished product with two cabinets next to each other...

To see this project step by step go here.

Thank you Naomi for inspiring all your reader's and showing us that design doesn't need to break the bank. Your blog has personally inspired me to tackle projects and think outside the box. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and creativity with us!



  1. Thank you, Heather!! You are so sweet. Honestly I'm not a handy person at all, so if I can hack things, anyone can.

    Ps- that stool against the brick wall was also a hack. I bought it from JC Penney, sprayed it and recovered it and now I love them :)

  2. I have gotten more than one genius idea from Naomi's brilliant blog...she is like my design/diy guru! I love seeing all of it showcased in one place (c:

  3. Naomi is stupid talented (that means good).

  4. Yep, you can include me in the Naomi fan club. Her blog is a daily read for me!

  5. Naomi is eclectic personified. Love and am in awe of her use of color!