May 20, 2011

Need vs.Want


NEED these Mid Century Heron's because I have nothing on my mantel and wanted to add a bit of glamor to the room.  I thought the combo of brass and black onyx would be just the thing. It kind of reminded me of an accessory you would see in Lonny Mag.  Trust me, it wasn't like needing toilet paper, this buy I'm still super excited about, hehee.



I also wanted to pick up this great brass clock with amazing sun burst like detail. Problem is, I don't NEED it. Boooooo!! If any of you think you NEED it and decide to pick it up here, please post pictures!

Happy Friday,


  1. I love the brass its beautiful! Very classy!

  2. Haha, 'Need like toilet paper.'

    So, you are the best at finding cool stuff on Etsy!

    And we'll need to see pictures when the bird arrive and have been place in their mantel spot.