May 22, 2011

Week At A Glance

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was a whirlwind, but the sun was out so I won't complain. I have had some fun things in the works and think this is the week to share them with all of you!
Here is the agenda for My Many Moments for the week ahead.

Tuesday -  I have some exciting news to share!
Wednesday - New Meet & Greet. Your not going to want to miss this one!
Thursday - Guest post over at Meet Me in Philadelphia.
Friday- Kitchen makeover progress report

Oh, and here is a pretty picture to get you through your Monday...

Domino Mag
 Texture, light, color, warmth, layers... I'm in love!



  1. There are your ticking stripes! That large blue and white pot with the huge sticks is killer. Not to mention the rug. And the wall of windows with pictures above. Now talk about decorating above the invisible line!

  2. I cant wait for this week at My Many Moments!

  3. Can't wait - and that image - mmmm design heaven xx