June 29, 2011

Box Pillows

spotted at High Street Market

I am loving box pillows. What is your take on them? Do you like the form more than the original knife edge? I think they are pretty chic looking myself. I love the fullness as well. Here are some photos to admire.


Ashley Whittaker design


Miles Redd

Thomas O'Brien


  1. Hi! Never really thought about them....but I like them best in the Houzz image!! Take care, Caroline

  2. I love them...and you have some great pics here. I also like the Houzz image - the color of the pillows is fantastic!

  3. Ashley Whittaker design - I am in love with that pillow!!! Great post, something I never thought about before xx

  4. They add a lot of personality and color! Love the Houzz one! So cute!

  5. Heather, you have such an eye for detail. I thought I was pretty good at picking apart rooms, but you always astound me. This is a good example. I had no idea what a box pillow was until today -- and even though I've seen some of the interiors, I never noticed the actual pillow. I used to have some of these in a rust color and without a zipper, until stomach flu hit our house. You didn't need that visual, did you? Alright, enough with the long-winded comment.

  6. I had never really thought of them before, but loved that first image when I saw it on pinterest. It seems they are nice for a more formal feeling and I especially love the fluffier ones.