June 16, 2011

My Cheap " Look a Like"

When I ran across this picture I fell in love with the cheery/graphic print fabric on the headboard.

Alan Campbell Fabric - Retail $189/yard
At $189 a yard, it was way out of my budget.  Then at one of my weekly GoodWill stops, I ran across a set of new drapes still in their packaging that looked jaw droppingly (not a word) close to the Alan Campbell fabric. I picked them up for $4.99, which WAS in my budget.

Similar right?!! I love the salmon color with the gold hardware. I keep walking in the room to stare.

* Don't forget if you are interested in having a graphic art painting of your own, leave a comment here stating where you would put it to enter in the drawing.



  1. I couldn't be any more jealous! Where did you get your curtain rod?

  2. I love the salmon! That find was awesome!

  3. I am in love! Way to go! You know how much I love my coral/pink...where did you put it?

  4. What a great find!! Love the salmon color!! Take care, Caroline

  5. No way!!! They are SOOO great. Love them with the hardware too!