August 23, 2011

Ikat Addition

Just wanted to do a quick post to show you all my new ikat bolster pillow I picked up at West Elm for our bed. I am so happy with it.  I had tried a handful of pillows and when I put this beauty on, I felt confident that it was THE one. Do you know the feeling I am talking about?  When you step back and feel that "feeling" like all is right in the world? Well at least in your house..hehee.



  1. Its beautiful! It adds a lot of texture!

  2. Really like that bolster! I know the feeling:) Take care, Caroline

  3. Ooooo, I love!! Especially combined with the different greys going on with your bed. And what about the tripod lamp I spy! I've never seen that before. I adore it.
    This picture makes me think of the post Kim at Chattafabulous did on Kristin Cunningham's house. Have you seen that? I'm curious to know what you think.

  4. Love the pillow and West Elm, just posted about my last visit to the store yesterday. Great minds....

    Enjoying your blog!


  5. Love the pillow...and love when I THINK I have found the perfect thing :)

  6. Is this your bedroom? if so, I love! That bolster is fabulous. I find "the perfect" thing a lot. Maybe I just like a lot of things.