August 30, 2011

Meet & Greet: Designer's Attic

I am super excited about the blog I have the honor of featuring today!  The Designer's Attic is the first blog I go to every morning before I even get my coffee! Why the rush you ask?  Because everyday there is textile eye candy on sale and a limited amount.
Shannon, the author of The Designer's Attic has a love like I for textiles and created a blog specifically to help us non professional designers get our hands on the most loved fabrics out there for GREAT prices.  I often think of Shannon as the "fabric fairy."  She is able to provide yards of hard to find fabrics and if you are looking for something in particular just email her, and she has great advice on finding the perfect print. 

This is where Shannon blogs.  Talk about beautiful textiles. I love the fabrics she has chosen in her own home. Bold, graphic and fun!  Her style in impeccable.  You can see more of her personal style and inspiration over at Pink Wallpaper.  You might already follow Pink Wallpaper.  If not, be sure to check it out.  You can find both of her blogs on my "Reading Inspiration" on the right column of My Many Moments. 

Kelly Wearstler


Clarence House


Clarence House


I love how Shannon will show the featured fabric, then picking an image where the fabric has been used.  It gets the wheels turning.
Thanks again Shannon for letting me feature your blog(s).  I am keeping my eye out for just the right fabric for an up coming project. Pictures to come.



  1. This is exactly what I need to learn more about fabrics and patterns and how to use them. Thanks for the introducing!

    Looks like you had a great girls' weekend too!

  2. heather!! thanks a million for featuring my blog!! I am so sorry I am just getting to see it- i've been out of town all day!! you're the best! xo- shannon

  3. So in the first photo...I have a pillow in the Schumacher chiang mai dragon fabric and my Mom made me a computer carrying case out of the green trellis fabric. I love fun fabric too! I have too many pillows at my place.

  4. That first image is extra special. What a treat - definitely checking it out now.

  5. I'm always stalking Shannon's site too; still hoping to be the first there to score some amazing fabric one of these days!