August 8, 2011

No Ordinary Lamp Shade

I ran across an image from interior designer, Mary McDonald and immediately found interest in the Asian lamp with the rattan lamp shade.  I love the texture it gives.  You don't see a lamp shade like this everyday....well, I do!!!

This reminded me that I have never shared with you guys my laundry room light fixture DIY.  I found this really cool antique rattan lamp shade at one of my favorite antique stores for 7 bucks.  I then purchased a light kit at Home Depot, "My home away from home" and viola!  The house came with one of those industrial fluorescent light fixtures that made me feel like I was in jail while folding laundry.  I like the new one much better.

And look how cool it looks turned on! 

* light kit - 10 bucks
*lamp shade - 7 bucks

That is how I like my DIY's, cheap & easy!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, wow, the shadows it cast is just fantastic! I swear you have the best luck thrift shopping, Heather.

  2. This is so rad! Fantastic and unusual + cheap and easy I need to know about these light kits!

  3. Kim- I purchased it 2 years ago. I don't know how old it is exactly. The antique store owner said he had no idea but knew it wasn't from the states.

  4. Brilliant! I'm so glad you shared this - now I need to keep my eyes out for such a shade. My beautiful art arrived yesterday and I am beside myself with excitement! I love it! Cannot wait to build a gallery around it. Will post as soon as I do. Thank you, thank you!