September 28, 2011


I was reading an article on a Tennessee architect who created his own masculine mission style home   incorporating collections, family heirlooms, style and creativity.  I really appreciate this home showing how masculine design doesn't need to be a black leather club chair and a wide screen t.v!
I have always been a fan of designers like Thomas O'Brien and Nate Berkus who use wool, herringbone, woods, architecture to add a warm yet masculine feel.  Hope you enjoy the house tour.
To read the article and see more photos go here.

These porch pillows where made from old army blankets.

The envelope was blown up to make personal art.

  I love his collection of metal buildings.

Beautiful textiles. Thomas O'Brien bedding from Target.

What is your take on masculine design? 


  1. I really like all the manliness! If the guy in the photos comes with the design I'll take it! :)

  2. You already know this, but I favor masculine over feminine design in general. I like the woods, the simple lines and patterns, strong contrast etc. I just need it be in a light-filled space and with a few feminine touches like flowers and gilded stuff!

    Your style strikes me as more masculine than feminine too. I hope you don't mind me saying that.

    As for these rooms, they are all 100% to die for. Pinning away. Hope you have a great day, Heather!

  3. NO kidding..I have his table, or at least my table looks like his...My mom gave it to me, She got it at an estate sale over 40 yrs ago!
    Thanks for posting his site...Have a great weekend!

  4. Ah, I have always loved that bedroom image. So awesome to see the rest of the home.

  5. Just scrolling back through your posts and saw this one. This guy is actually the brother of a friend of mine (she lives in Nashville; he lives in Chattanooga)! I've never actually met him but his sister has style in spades. Loved seeing his house in Southern Living!