October 24, 2011

Hope you all had a great weekend!  It was a beautiful Fall weekend in Oregon.  The leaves were falling, and the air was crisp.  Fall is my favorite season to run.  I have been running for two years now and it is the ONLY thing that keeps me... well, me.

I run because I crave it.
I run because it's where I collect my thoughts.
I run because I meet God there.
I run because I'm competitive
I run because I have more to give after.
I run because it's my quite time.
I run because it has and does teach me about myself.
I run because it gives me a great ass.
I run because it releases more than crying.
I run because people underestimate my strength.
I run because I have underestimated my strength.
I run because it's my escape.

Is there an activity that you cherish?



  1. Heather, this is so great! I wish I felt that way about running. More than ever, I'm feeling the need to exercise simply for the energy it will give me. After three years of not doing it at all, your words might inspire to me to get after it again.

  2. Love it! I have tried but have never quite gotten to the place you are with running. I do know I'm happier though and feel better about myself and life when I do it. Need to do it more. I actually was out there today and it was a lovely cool day and I felt great. Hopefully I can keep this up. You have inspired me.