January 19, 2012

Coffee Table Styling

The inspiration for this post hit me between the eyes. I was watching T.V. the other night with my feet up on my bare coffee table/trunk.  I started to get annoyed at how bare it was. Then I thought, "Why haven't I EVER had anything on my coffee table?"  I decided to go shopping...in my home.  You can't beat free. This is what I came up with.

Step 1: Blank Slate

Step 2: Add Art Books

Step 3: Add Greenery

Step 4: Add Bone Vase

Step 5: Add Bone Inlayed Box for T.V. Remote

Step 6: Add Glass Hurricane with Candle


To be realistic, I will only keep the books, magnolia leaves and hurricane so we will actually have a place to put our feet and ice cream bowls ;)

Be Well,


  1. Lovely combination! If you put the bone vase on top of the books would you still have room for your ice cream? :)

  2. Love the look! I assume you live in the South (magnolia leaves?) I live in SC and see many magnolias.....

  3. Easy peasy! BTW, your rug is gorgeous! Was that one of your famous thrifted finds?

  4. Great step by step pictures! And I love the finished result! Seriously... I might have to copy. :)

  5. Oooo. I love that little round bowl that the magnolia leaves are in -- AND the green glass votive. Such texture.

  6. Love all these great items you found around the house, and of course, it looks great the way you've pulled it all together.