January 30, 2012

Potato Block Print Pin Board DIY

I promised I would show you what I did with my Potato block print fabric.  I covered an average cork board to make a fun inspiration board for our office.  I am really happy with the results.  Another house project crossed off the list! I'm on a roll. Let's hope seeing the pinned inspiration on my new board will keep the motivation coming!

I added a brass tack in each corner to finish it off.  This was such an easy project and I have to say carving out potatoes is really cathartic.

Here are a few tips if you are going to try this yourself

1.  Use linen or polyester because the ink bleeds on cotton.
2.  Do not wash fabric prior.  Most new fabrics have a film and in this case that film helps the stamp apply clearly with sharper edges.
3.  Soak the dye in a house hold sponge using it as your stamp pad.
4. Do not soak the potato in the sponge, a little dye goes a long way.
5.  Let the potato dry out for a few hours before stamping. The juice's from the potato will dilute and smear.

Be Well,


  1. Like I said on Friday, this project is absolutely GENIUS! I am crazy about it. You should share it with the world on, say, Design*Sponge. Really, really great!

  2. It came out so great and these are awesome tips about not washing the fabric first and using the sponge. I continue to be super impressed.

  3. It looks amazing!! Nice photos too ;)

  4. This is just genius, and the end result is beautiful! So so pretty. Darn you are inventive! Thanks for the how-to as well. I'm pinning this project!

  5. It is beautiful! I think I will have to try it!