January 24, 2012


 Design elements are crucial to good design. Some of the front runners are color, texture, lines, balance, contrast and movement.  My personal favorite element is Scale.  Scale can transform a space from completely safe to eye catching and bold.  The above picture is a bedroom designed by Tom Scheere.  He used scale as a bold element making the bed frame over sized as well as the botanical painting.  Think about the painting being a normal 8" by 10" and the bed frame, a scaled down head board. The impact would not be nearly the same. You can see other spaces of his where he plays with scale here. These next photos are also rooms that have used scale to create a focal point.  

Tom Scheere Design

Grand headboard makes a presence.

Using over scale plants and greenery to make a statement.

The Vintique Object

Amy Butlers House

Using large scale art to create a focal point.

Elle Decor
Elle Decor


Bringing curtains to the ceiling to add height and impact to a room. 

Do you like to play around with scale when decorating?

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  1. Great examples Heather! Many are new to me.

  2. I need to play around with it more -- too many little things in my house. This is a good reminder to go big, or go home. Er, go big in the home.

    You are really making me think, Heather. First modern, then scale. I have to drill these ideas into my head.

  3. I just found you via Pinterest and I really like this post. These are great examples and it is amazing what impact an oversized object can do!

  4. Absolutely. I've found out how important it is to go big at times in my teeny home. Love the large-scale art in particular.