February 21, 2012

My Blue Star Fern

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I worked my tush off this past week between my job, painting furniture and Stella & Dot parties!  It is so worth it when Matt & I see it "paying off"...literally!  We have almost saved what we need for the adoption! All  said and done the adoption will cost upwards of 30,000 dollars. To be able to say with lots of praying, working and eating top roman, we are almost there!
That being said, I have been very good about saving and not spending.  However, this past weekend I was grocery shopping and saw this beautiful blue star fern.  I am a sucker for house plants and had an empty plant stand calling it's name.  I splurged and took it home with me where it now lives in our entry making me smile every time I come and go.  It is truly the little things that sometimes make your soul smile. 

Be Well,


  1. Wow, congrats on getting so close to amount you'll need to bring your little one home.

    Now, where can I get a blue star fern? It is so pretty!

  2. Congratulations, Heather!! And Top Ramen isn't too bad with a bit of grilled chicken and broccoli to top it off! We've also had "Kid Food Nights" in our house, with grilled PB&J sandwiches.

  3. You guys are so strong! I'm so proud of you! Your an inspiration in my life! Oh and the fern looks great!

  4. A lovely happy plant...but the real news is making it to your adoption goal! I'm so happy knowing it's that much closer for you. Congratulations!!

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