February 23, 2012

Peter Dunham. A Girl Can Dream.

If I lived in a fabric store and the store was on fire and I could only take one fabric it would be Fig Leaf by Peter Dunham.  I have coveted this fabric for years. That's right, years!  I love the scale.  I love the colors.  I love the simplicity yet boldness of the fabric.  I could go on and on but here are some rooms where you can spot a bit or a lot of the print.

 When House Beautiful did  THIS spread with Peter Dunham and used Fig Leaf in the room I was thrilled. I then saw they used the fabric on a decorator's table.

Isn't the room amazing by the way?! All the layers and texture. Anyway, it made me think of our decorator's table in our living room.

If I had 150 bucks to spend per yard on fabric, I would definitely change our jute table cloth for one like this....


Be Well,


  1. I am just as obsessed with this fabric as you are...have you seen the Winter Floral print from Parlor Textiles? (http://parlortextiles.com/winterfloral.html) It's a similar look for a bit less.

    Can you remind me again where you found your decorator table and jute fabric? I'm also contemplating one for my den (if I can't find a pedestal table) and love yours!

  2. With all that green, leafy goodness, how could you not love it. But I like linen fabric a lot too!

  3. I have been dreaming of this fabric too. Ever since that HB article. And whadaya know I have a round table in our living room that really needs a skirt! Been searching for something with the same look and fresh green color but haven't found anything yet.

  4. I know! I was just reading that article in HB earlier today! I love that room and that fabric!

  5. Totally love his designs - the guy can do a canopy bed like no other! M.