March 16, 2012

Guest Post: Patterned Sofa's

Upgrading a space is always worthwhile, especially when it
means creating an interior that grabs everyone’s attention. If you’re tempted
to try something new and exciting, why not incorporate a patterned sofa? It’s
easy to go with solid color upholstery, but patterns are so much more fun. Not
to mention they do end up complementing a space. Even though initially it may
be scary taking the decorating plunge, here are some daring sofas that will help inspire you to create
the interior of your dreams.

Take the risk and decorate with patterned sofas!

Nathan Turner Design

A happy sofa with a variety of colors and patterns goes wonderfully in a neutral interior, but don't be afraid to tie in red accents with this piece, for example. I can envision red roses on a mantle or a romantic lamp shade that pulls from this gorgeous sofa's colors.

If you like to stay with classic shades like black and white but need a single statement piece, then a couch with zigzags will definitely make the space come alive with personality. 

As I mentioned before, eclectic is fun if you can do it right. If you start with a sofa that you absolutely adore {like the one above,} and go from there, you'll have a playful interior that suits your taste and personality.

Stripes and colors! This interior reminds me of a candy cane come to life. With the gorgeous multicolored striped sofa and fun pillows, this room screams originality. The decorator did a wonderful job with matching the pictures on the wall to the sofa and pulling out the color schemes just perfectly. 

If you are more conservative and nervous about adding too bold of a pattern, this option from West Elm is beautiful and almost still acts as a neutral.

So what are you waiting for? Take the risk and incorporate a
patterned sofa or two into your interior. Instead of worrying about how it will
turn out, you may be surprised with the result. Modern interiors are certainly
welcome in the interior design world and eclectic is very much in. So take a
deep breath and take that decorating risk.
Bio: Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger. She loves how fashion and interior design come together to create a lovely space, especially with the perfect sofa. You can catch up Sierra's latest adventures on her Ocean Dreams blog.
Thanks Heather!

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  1. Hi love, thanks so much for the guest post opportunity! Love the pics that you chose. :)