April 25, 2012


When I ran across this image on Design Sponge it stopped me in my tracks.  To most, this might be an image you would pass by without thinking much about.  To me, there was something very welcoming, even cozy about this shot. 
My mind started to wander.  What is the homeowner like?  Artistic?  They must like succulents.  I wondered if each plant was a gift?  Different pots, plants, stages of growth. 
The color scheme in the photo was intriguing.  The dusty wine floors, natural woven mat, assortment of green and the navy door. 
Did the owner get that cute bell hanging on the door somewhere special or was it a quick after thought to hang it there. 
When I see images of homes with stacked books, plants, dishes etc, I wonder how long it took them to accumulate the set to create such a beautiful "collected overtime" look. 
Collected over time.  That is definitely where my style leans.  I sure can appreciate beautiful staged rooms.  Rooms that a designer has just put their seal of approval on, but it is my belief that a home comes alive over time.  Your energy, trinkets, personality, crumbs make a home, home.  Some of my favorite spaces I see in media are images of homes in use.  Kitchens with pots boiling and cookbooks open. Living rooms with magazines flopped open on the floor next to a chair with messy pillows.
Just a thought. Sorry for my rambling.

To see what's past that front door go here.  Such a cute home!

Be Well,

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  1. You've really had an influence on me this way, I think. I enjoy the real looking rooms too.