April 23, 2012

Going Coastal

Hi all!  Sorry for the lack of posts.  The hubby and I took a trip to the coast for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.  We even took the pup.  She loves running up and down the beach collecting sticks.  It was so relaxing to unplug and enjoy some down time with Mr. Right, heeheee. Not only was it relaxing but inspiring.  We went into many art galleries, walked up and down little beach communities and enjoyed looking at beautiful coastal gardens around the cottage.  It got my design wheels turning which I can't wait to share with you.  Sometimes it takes unplugging to find yourself again. 
I will be back tomorrow morning with a post about my new favorite green object. Make sure to check back! Now I'm off to catch up with all of your fabulous posts!

Be Well,


  1. Looks like we've both unplugged (with the exception of visits to Pinterest on the iphone!)

    I've missed visiting you and can't wait to see your new favorite green object. Looks like you two had a great time and happy anniversary to you both!

  2. So awesome that you got to get away with your honey! Looks like a wonderful trip.