May 6, 2012

Closet Cleanup

I finally finished the closet.  It kind of put me over the edge having my whole closet upside down for a week, but it was good motivation to get it finished.  I really like the dark walls.  It kind of reminds me of Carrie's closet from Sex in the City.  I spray painted the hardware black  so there wasn't a huge contrast in the walls.  I organized my jewelry in small bowls that I have collected from random stops to Good Will over the years and a divided lucite tray.  Finally, I made a pin board that I wrapped in linen to hang my necklaces on.   All in all, it sure feels good to get organized. 

I couldn't forget to display a picture of my mom.  After she passed I inherited a lot of her gorgeous jewelry.  It's a neat feeling putting her jewelry on in the morning and seeing her picture.

Here's to Spring Cleaning!

Be Well,


  1. Wow. Your closet is so dark and dramatic and it makes your clothes really stand out. I love that shot of the clothes organized by color. Looks boutique-y!

    I can only imagine how good it feels to get this project completed and i bet it was cost effective too.

  2. Love it, especially the vignette you created on the chest including that very chic picture of your mom! I love it when something special is displayed in a fabulous way! M.

  3. Sooo organized and lovely. The dark background is great--dramatic and chic. Great vignette with the bowls and boxes and your mom's pic too. Is your dresser in the closet? I love that look. Love it all!