August 26, 2009

I Told You!

To all of you that come in my home and say "Where did you get that piece of furniture?" And I say..."Craigslist for 20 bucks." And you say..."No way, I don't believe you." Here are examples of what my mind sees when others see junk...

This dinning room set with chairs is just 100 bucks! There is so much potential! With just a bit of sanding,paint and reupholstering of the chairs you can have a similar look like Pottery barns set

Look how similar the chairs are! They are 3oo each at PBarn and you can get all the chairs and table for 100 bucks...just add paint! You will feel like you stole something I promise. LOL

Look at these beauties! These old Parsons chairs just need a bit of love. They could be yours for $25 bucks each!

Look how similar the above chair is! They are $350 each at Ballard designs and you can get a pair for $50 bucks on Craigslist

This table is only 40 dollars and I don't know of any replicas but I love the cane and the shape. This would be so cute as a display table or as a side table in a bedroom

This red cafe chair is only 6 bucks and I wouldn't change a thing! My lunch today was more than that!

You all have seen this clock before; my masterpiece! I purchased it for 50 bucks....

And turned it into this...

As you can see anything is possible. I wanted to show you that you can have the expensive looks for a steal and really not have to settle.
I found all the above items in 10 minutes just looking for things to blog about, but there are hundreds more great finds.
Happy Hunting!


  1. love this segment! can't wait to go on Saturday and for you to "inspire" me! Love ya babe!

  2. I have you say you really inspired me: we were about to pay $300 at Wal Mart of all places for a table/chairs set to tide us over until we could afford the "real thing." So...I checked Craig's list and found a solid oak pedestal table with the leaf and chairs for-$40!!!! I snatched it up and am just getting ready to paint. Thank you for sharing your talent. :)

    -Erin in Simi Valley