August 20, 2009

I'm Twisted! that I have had some time to think about this "NEW" style of mine I realized I am still the same Traditional girl but just with a twist! I still like the lines and texture of traditional style, but I have had the urge to add these sparks of glam! I love that word Glam...kind of like adding Sass to my house. This idea kind of makes me smile. You too huh Lace?! :) Anyway I was doing research, yes studying about this new style I like to call "Twisted Traditional"...

All of these pictures show very traditional furniture pieces in traditional settings, but they all throw a twist of a modern or regal feel with textures and fabrics. Instead of a buffet with two traditional lamps on each end..they sass it up with bird lamp. Still traditional setting, just with a bit of flare! I'm loving this new me. hahaha

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