August 6, 2009

Take a Seat

Hi Ya'll I'm back! While I was gone I came up with some projects I would like to do around the house. This next item isn't a necessity by any means but would make my dinner parties fantastic. I love the idea of having a love seat, bench, mini couch ect. as seating at the dinner table. Here is a pic of my kitchen table with the all white chairs. I would like to put the new piece on the back side of the table closest to the bay window. Excuse the dark pics...

Here are pics of some of my favorite love seats that I think might work. Of course I would never buy them full price they are just ideas. I know I will find a diamond in the rough at Salvation Army that just needs some TLC. I have a wish list of what characteristics this love seat will have...

  1. Tufted back
  2. low arms
  3. higher back
  4. Wooden legs with casters possibly

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