August 7, 2009

What a Day!

Today Matt and I were thinking about going to the beach for the day to just relax and then as our day got going the beach became an afterthought. We instead seemed to get anything and everything done! Here is our crazy day...
  1. Clean House
  2. Gym for 2 hours
  3. Make lunch
  4. Major Grocery shopping
  5. Barrowed a truck
  6. Took truck to pic up a new piece of furniture off craigslist
  7. Went with Matt to get his second Tattoo!
  8. Hung up some frames and art at home

Weird day but so fun and accomplished a ton!

About the new piece of is on my top 5 favorite things now in my home. It was amazing I fell upon it and now I heart it. Want to see pics,well you will have to wait til' tomorrow because right now I'm going to get some R&R

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