July 14, 2010

I'm excited!

I am really excited to share this post for some reason! Maybe its because I am excited about what Ikea is doing lately. Well let me start the story here....

When we moved into our home we purchased a really nice overstuffed fabric chair from Ethan Allen. We even splurged on the matching ottoman! Needless to say it was a very special piece of furniture with a BIG price tag. After two cats and an English Bulldog using the chair when we weren't home, I started to get nervous of the fabric getting dirty and snagged from claws. I was constantly yelling "NO" to my animals and sometimes my husband! Then it hit me...I DON"T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS! I want all of us to be comfortable in our home. It is not a stage home, its the home we live in.
I decided to move my swanky chair to our bedroom and went on a mission to find a cheap, cute, indestructible chair to replace it.
Drum Roll Please.......
(Ektorp slip cover chair from Ikea)

I picked up one of these chairs for 249.oo! One sixth of the price of the "Off limits chair." It comes in an assortment of different fabric covers 100 bucks each. They just had a sale where the slip covers were 29 dollars! For that price I don't care if it becomes the dogs bed. It is also comfortable. They also have a couch and lounge chair in EKtorp.

( I got my chair in this cool grey color)

(One of my favorite blogs...mysweetsavannah, has the L shaped couch)

( Another photo I found)

They even look cuter in person. Needless to say I am happy about my purchase and am even happier when I see my family using our cozy home :)



  1. What a deal. I love the color you chose!

  2. i love the color grey (i know, but i prefer this spelling). i love the industrial cottage, so glad you are featuring her. i had to look this far back, because i was all caught up trying to find out how you mom was doing. i hope she is still doing well. love your style and i love to compare notes. i have bought a fixer upper, but there really isn't any money, but i can plan and there is always a need for just plain ol' elbow grease.