July 8, 2010

Table Scape's

My husband makes fun of me because if we have an empty space on pretty much any surface I start designing a "feel" in my head of what things I can fill it up with. I love this idea because you usually...

  1. Don't need to spend a lot of money, or any at all
  2. Use precious objects collected or gifted
  3. An easy way to change the feel of a room (seasonal)

  4. Can grow as you grow(like switching pictures out of frames ect.)

Here are some photos I have collected of cool table scape's that have inspired me in my own home...

Don't be afraid to use the back wall to hang things such as mirrors,pictures,ect. to add to the whole look. And don't forget to look down. Baskets,vases and a random stack of books look good on the floor and add storage.
Have fun creating....

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