December 26, 2010

Kitchen Face Lift

Hello All! Hope you had a great Christmas, we did! With my dad in town, we has have been busy with house projects. We got around to painting the kitchen...wooohoooo! I posted before and after pictures below. The tan is before and the green is after.

I have been wanting to change up my kitchen a bit especially after seeing this inspiring picture!!

I love the warmth of the wall paint with the different wood grains. I especially love the chandelier. The next step in my kitchen is to change the chandelier. I found one really similar to the inspiration pic above and a few other that I also am crushing on. Here is where you come in. I would love your help in deciding which one to go with. The below three are the contesters.

(Pottery Barn)

(Ballard Designs)

(Lighting Universe)

I would also love any other advice you have for my kitchen to help me get closer to my inspiration pic.

Thanks Friends


  1. I love it! It looks amazing. I want to paint something that color.:)

  2. We're two peas in a pod, I think. I tore out this picture for my design files way before I discovered design blogs.

  3. Howdy Heather~ your kitchen looks amazing! Is your blog header picture of your house? I'm in love...heading off to stalk your blog some more. Thank you for visiting me so that I could find you.
    Happy Friday,