January 8, 2011

Kitchen & Circa Lighting

The day has come...I finally picked a ceiling light for my kitchen!!! Of course it is as expensive as my car payment but you can't put a price on perfection (to me at least). I usually find something I love and then try to find a cheaper item that looks similar, but with this guy, all the "look alikes" didn't have the same character and detail. So.... Drum Roll please........

(Thomas O'Brien globe pendant)

First off I love every hair on Thomas O'Briens head! I think he is a fantastic designer.
His design statement fallows...
"I strive for Retro and industrial styles that meet up with chic glamour and historical elements with sophisticated finishes"
Thomas O'Brien

That sentence is music to my ears! Anywhoos, this is where I saw the fixture for the first time...

Then here...
I found the fixture at Circalighting.com. I have never been to that website before and was blown away by all the beautiful light fixtures! If you haven't guessed by now, I am kind of obsessed with light fixtures. I feel they are so so important in design. You can have a beautifully designed room, then a crummy fixture and it looks unfinished. Light sets the mood for a room. Here are some other fixtures from the website that got me drooling.....

All of these are available here . They will run you between a car payment or even a mortgage payment, but it's great inspiration! Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I so approve! It's gorgeous and so unlike anything else that's out there. It's all about the contrast.
    All that antiqued brass is to die for. I just can't stand it. Working on a post myself about that very thing -- you've inspired me to keep up with the blog.

  2. Oh, I adore it! Did you order it?! I have to go check out the site, I love great lighting too :) Love all the furniture pieces you are redoing.. gorgeous! x