January 13, 2011

Lindsay's Kitchen

lindsay's Kitchen

My good buddy Lindsay asked me to help give her kitchen a face lift. I was super flattered because she has an adorable house. I have to say I'm a bit nervous with her giving me full reigns, but super excited! She has a busy family of four and family that comes in town a lot so I have to keep in mind the practicality of this makeover. We are changing everything from the floors to the ceiling. I used Polyvore to help me play around a bit. I already purchased the chandelier which is much prettier in person. The one in the picture is just an example of the shape. The real one is all wood! If you have any helpful input or ideas for me, I'm all ears and eyes.


  1. I think you did a beautiful job mixing finishes from painted (and not painted) wood to woven to sleek. And the rust rug with blue paint is gorgeous. What do her cabinets look like? Where will the paint colors go?

  2. Her bottom cab's will be the navy. The upper cab's we are taking out and doing white bead board and open white shelving in Decorators White,by Ben Moore. Fingers crossed it comes out like I see it in my head!

  3. I love what you have so far. Looks great. I can see it!

  4. can't wait! lets start painting! thanks again to my talented friend!!