February 14, 2011

Angie Hranosky

"When you are good...you're good." I bet that is what Angie Hranosky says every morning when she wakes up. Angie is known for her eclectic modern decor with a laid back feel. Her design is inspiring but relaxing at the same time. She has been featured in dozens of design mags like House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Domino and many more. Here are some photos from her portfolio. Let me know if you have a crush on her when your done looking?

Don't you just love the layers of texture and use of beautiful fabrics? She has such an eye for layering. If you are interested in seeing Angie's whole portfolio, I put a link on the top right of my blog.


* All photos provides by Angie Hranosky Design


  1. I for sure have a crush on her style! Its so beautiful!

  2. She's a talent! Was she featured in House Beautiful this month, or is that my imagination. I really like the sunny yellows in the last picture. Are you getting as much rain as we are in the Bay Area?

  3. Angie's work is exquisite, polished and so very cheerful. I love it all!