February 12, 2011

Pillow Talk

I ran across an article in House Beautiful about pillow arranging. I thought it was helpful due to the fact that there are so many great pillows out there, but I find myself leaving them at the store not knowing how to incorporate them into the other pillows I already have. The article really gave me some good pillow pointers that I thought I would share with you.

Monochromatic scheme can give off a very sophisticated feel, but when all the shades are similar it is important to keep it visually interesting by mixing textures.
Put together a Pairing
To keep a look clean and traditional work in pairs, with pattered pillows in front and solids in the backdrop.
Add Different Shapes
The contrast between organic and graphic shapes are a beautiful contrast. Like the Yin and Yang of pillows. Having more than one shape adds character to a room.

Build a Collection

A wild mix can bring a great eclectic feel to a home. It will only work when there is a balance; pairs and colors of equal intensity *****************************

Here are some photos of rooms that fallowed the "Pillow Rules."

Hope you found these tips as helpful as I did. Now go out and find yourself another beautiful addition to lay your head on.


*Images provided by House Beautiful Magazine


  1. There's that pretty velvet I love so much! I'm a fan of the asymmetry shown in the different shapes picture. And I love the collected look. Unfortunately, my husband would be highly annoyed if I put that many pillows on our couch!

  2. What a great lesson on pillow arranging! I may put this article in my little store so people can read it while looking at the selection of pillows I have in there! Take care, Caroline