March 27, 2011


I have been fighting a bad cold the last couple of days and my husband came home with some sunflowers yesterday to cheer me up. Yes ladies, I picked a good one! Anyways, it made me think about flowers and my obsession with them.
I love fresh flowers in a home.  I think plants can make a room come alive.  Not only do flowers/plants add texture, but beautiful color to a space.  While sitting on my couch with my cold medicine and a trash can full of tissues I looked through my photo archives and found some of my favorite rooms with flowers in them. 

Michael Smith Designs
Elle Decor

House Beautiful

Architectural Digest
Matters of Style Blog

Hope these pictures brightened your day!

Happy Monday


  1. Feel better soon! The images you shared are cozy and lovely!

  2. Flowers make a room I have to say! They bring so much good energy!

  3. I adore flowers. My only problem with them is I don't know when to let them go and then they end up sad and dead on my console table. If only they lasted longer!

    And, WOW, love that console arrangement from Matters of Style. Great ottomans.