March 31, 2011

Salvation Army Original

 I found this original oil painting at Salvation Army on one of their 50% off days.  This is my first original piece of art and I find the scene very soothing.  The cost for my first original.... 50 cents!
I love it against my paint in the kitchen (see picture). It is another piece toward my gallery wall in my kitchen. I talked about my gallery kitchen project here.  I am almost done and love how it is turning out. Pictures to come, promise!



  1. We both have gallery walls on the brain. What a great find and 50 cents?? Gotta love goodwill.

  2. 50 cents!?! Who would have thought--it's a fantastic find, Heather!

  3. what a steal! I want to see pictures ASAP! Ohh and I really wanna do tabs this weekend! Tell matt to show you how!

  4. I can't wait to see pics of it against your light green walls! Nice find friend!!! Can't ever beat $.50!

  5. Heather, I blew up your picture to take a closer look, and I think it's gorgeous! I LOVE it. The light hitting the trees, the little shot of lavender in the foreground...
    The size is nice too. You won't frame it will you? I love it just like that, nothing but canvas.

  6. Oh, love it-- can't wait to see the whole wall! Great find!! Take care, Caroline